Many of my older essays and campaign write ups are at my old Google Sites page - plus the posts from my ongoing X-Men Play By E-Mail.

Back in the mists of the internet when all of us were younger and had more time one of my players had a personal website where she posted the taped and transcribed sessions of our games, along with lots and lots of notes from my long running Villains & Vigilantes game. The RPG information from that site is archived here.

Rebecca also wrote an article for the Australian gaming site Places to Go People to be on introducing people to supers games. It's worth a read.

Since I started this project I've been spending a lot of time at Grognardia, James Maliszewski's site dedicated to Old School Role Playing Games and the history of the hobby. It's a fascinating read.

Greg Stolze, a game designer whose work I quite enjoy, has a web page with a number of previously ransomed products on it, either free standing or for his published game systems.

Jerry Stratton, another Alarums & Excursions contributor, has a blog about his games at Jerry's current campaign setting is unique and wonderful, full of just the right twists on elements you think you know inside a glorious mixture of pulp elements.