Monday, February 11, 2013

Heroes of the United Worlds 5

5: Starting Characters in V&V

Here are the starting characters for the setting (in addition to the 21st century low entropy PCs, who are detailed earlier.)
The Centurions
Miss Chrysalis aka Kir-Rin Skudera
High-Gravity Dancer and winner of the Teen Miss Venus competition Kir-Rin was on a cultural/ambassadorial tour in lead up to the Miss Solar System competition when she used her Venusian power to grow a protective exoskeleton to foil an assassination attempt. Deciding that she could find better ways to represent her world she became Miss Chrysalis and joined the Centurions. Her costume is a green body suit of loose weave through which she can grow or shed her body armor.

S: 20  E: 18  A: 12  I: 10 C: 13 Level 3
Background: Sports and Entertainment
1)  Amor A: 130 ADR, x1 weight multiple per 33 ADR grown.  Has a 0 to be hit by corrosive attacks while armored. Heals at 5x normal healing rate
2) Regeneration: Armor heals per turn with 1 action.
3) Natural Weaponry: Gains +1 to hit and +2 on damage per 33 points of armor intact, up to +3/+6
4) Heightened Strength (Skill): adds +9 to Strength AND Endurance.
5) Special Requirement: has to ‘grow’ armor from scratch via regeneration when not using it.

Demon Boy aka Dax El-en
This generation’s most brilliant researcher from much despised Deimos, Dax is the first Deimon to take his research off world, accepting a commission with the Jupiter Science Institute at age 13. His hope is to improve the impression of his people across the system, both as a scientist and as a member of the Centurions. Like all of Martian descent he has red skin and black hair. He favors slate grey clothes.

S: 10 E: 12 A: 11 I: 40 C:11 Level 3
Background: Science and Engineering
1) Heightened Intelligence B +27
2) Vibratory Powers Device: 25 charges, Strength 25. Belt provides a repulsion field for Vibration defense, 8 rounds per charge. Pistol is a molecular vibration attack at 24” range for 2d8 damage. Molecular scanner points out weaknesses in object, letting him either make or point out to someone where to make a special attack for Str x3% chance to shatter the object (with his pistol he has a 72%)
3) Prejudice: citizens of Deimos are dislikes amongst the system. All Charisma modifiers are at -4

Emo Girl aka Grayson Hayley
A child of overpopulated Thetys she shares her peoples extraordinary sensitivity to emotion. Trained at an early age in textual analysis to be a contract advisor to a BSL megabusiness Grayson rebelled when she pieced together an internal coup and assassination attempt of the business leader. Her powers let her locate people nearby who could help in the incident that formed the Centurions. Demon Boy has since bought out her contract and she is the emotional core of the team as Emo Girl. Her costume is a dark blue fedora and trench coat with a domino mask. She is being romantically hunted by the son of the Ganymede police commissioner.

S: 10 E: 9 A: 11 I: 15 C: 13 Level 3
Background: Business and Law Enforcement
1) Heightened Senses – Empathy: she can automatically detect emotions of people she can see, hear or read the writings of; deliberate attempts to deceive her by trained professionals force a d20 Int save; on a failure she sees they’re blocking her but can’t tell their true feelings. This gives her a +4 on reaction rolls and a one level difficulty reduction on Charisma saves when her power is relevant.

Blackbird aka Brennan Garreth
Brennan Garreth is a child of an Umbriel man and his Terran wife, who needed fertility treatments to conceive given the genetic differences. All residents of Umbriel are capable of quadruplet duplication, but Brennan is actually sextuplets! Blessed with four and twenty bodies he decided to spend a year shiphiking/stowing away and seeing all the system, and as such some of him were on Ganymede when Emo Girl needed help. Now all of him is dedicated to the Centurions.

S: 12 E: 11 A: 15 I: 9 C: 10 Level 3
Background: Game Designer/Bum and Crime
1) Self Duplication: Blackbird can create up to 24 bodies. Each creation appears or disappears at 5’ distance, so this is a crude short range teleportation. Each extra body that joins in an attack adds +1 to hit/+2 damage (up to four bodies , +3/+6) to the single attack roll. Four bodies working in concert reduce the save difficulty of an action by one level. Each group of 4 bodies active reduces his initiative interval as follows: 4 bodies = 15, 8 bodies = 12, 12 bodies = 10, 16 bodies = 7, 20 bodies = 5, 24 bodies = 2. (Once he’s past 4 bodies they really have to act in concert for this to be manageable). Track HP and Power for each quartet at 4x each (though rolling with attacks and dodging are at ¼ this pool).

Kid Chanticleer aka Dalton MacLeod
Young Dalton MacLeod was trapped in a science experiment into hyperspace/aetheric vibrations that went madly awry. Through some twist of fate he did not die, but instead gained the ability to draw hyper-spatial vibrations into his larynx, letting him unleash shouts of incalculable power. As Kid Chanticleer he dons a Lucha Libre mask and serves justice as a founding member of the Centurions.

S: 12  E: 36  A: 12  I: 10 C: 12 Level 3
Background: Commercial Art and Finance
1)  Sonic Powers: 1d20 damage, 72” range, 36% shatter chance. Can use 20” of movement as an active defense to ‘blast’ incoming attacks out of the air.
2) Heightened Endurance B: +27
3) Vulnerability: unusually affected by hyperspace vibrations, taking double damage from such attacks or suffering 1d6 damage per turn in their presence.

Other Characters

Jether Tel the Space Pirate
Jether Tel has spent a lifetime plying the depths of ungoverned space as one of the raiders, pirates and scoundrels. A recent raid on a scientific outpost netted him some technology that he hopes to parley into the ultimate score – raiding one of the great Jovain cities – before retiring to a life of ease.

S: 15  E: 12  A: 14  I: 13 C: 15 Level 5
Background: Crime and Transportation
1) Vehicle: he has an advanced space ship. It is capable of .3 lightspeed and has mounted guns that attack as Power Blast for 15 shots. It has a crew of more than a hundred scurvy space dogs (all agility 11, 6 HP, 40 power, basic HTH 1d6, armed with 1d8 blasters).
2) Posion Venom: Sleep Gas that effects entire cities with its area effect, d% to resist. He also has a sleep gas gun with 4 charges that attacks as Paralysis Ray.

The Monster aka “Jimmy Lawrence”
“Jimmy Lawrence” is a 1930’s era figure of ill repute who was snagged by an error in Demon Boy’s time beam. Once in the 31st century he tries to use his powers to make himself king of Jupiter.

S: 62  E: 33  A: 15  I: 11 C: 13 Level 7
Background: Crime
1) Low Entropy Body: +20 Endurance, +10 Strength
2) Heightened Strength B +30
3) Flight: 2046 mph base.
4) Invulnerability: 30 points
5) Low Entropy Powers: he mimics any logical powers of the other low entropy 21stC heroes (i.e. he has any heightened senses, but not Pet).
6) Life Support
7) Special requirement: Powers only work in high entropy environments.

Karma Kid
A child of Ganymede Griffin Sim has a psychic mutation that makes him apparel beloved by the universe. He is convinced that this power will make him a great hero in the Centurions.

S: 11  E: 13  A: 10  I: 09 C: 12 Level 1
Background: Religion and Education
1) Retributive Strike: any damage done to Karma Kid is revisited upon his attacker… somehow. The universe will contrive for the attacker to take a similarly damaging blow in a similar place within 1 turn from the injury. Attack type mirrors the attack used against him, made as an 8th level character. The universe will try 4 times before giving up. (Note:  if a 21st century hero hits Kara Kid for 4 damage the universe will contrive to do 31 points of damage to get 4 points through the invulnerability.)
Quill Queen
Sal-Lee Nembhard is a native of Saturn’s moon Siarnaq, where harsh conditions forced everyone to bio-engineer bodily weaponry. Her back is covered in hedgehog style quills (ADR60) and clusters of quills on her arms can be used as weapons or fired for some damage against everyone in 15 feet of her (sometimes including her; Natural weaponry +2/+4 w/ 2 use a day special attack) Wanting to not be seen as a backwater hick at her college she sees the Centurions as a special sorority.

Stinkbug Boy
Isi Dro was exposed to chemicals that let him generate an intense astringent chemical. This is a chemical powers attack on everyone in 15’ (3”) and a PR 8 per use, causing partial blindness (-2 to hit, increased perception difficulty) and 1d12 power damage.

Magno Boy
College freshman Krill Pol had a scientific accident that gave him control of magnetism. He has become obsessed with increasing his powers and will go to any lengths (currently just short of murder) to do so.

S: 11  E: 36  A: 12  I: 13 C: 10 Level 1
Background: Science
1) Magnetic Powers: based on E, this is has a 16.000 lb capacity.   PR 5 per shot or control (lasts 30 turns)
2) Speed Bonus: +100” movement to ground or levitation over metals (i.e. air walking)
3) Heightened Endurance B +26
4) Illusion B – Metal: He can create up to 12 ‘figures’ that act on his action, each has magnetic defense, 5 HP, attack as magnetics and do 1d6 damage. He can also create a metal sphere with SR 15 that he uses as a defense.
5) Phobia/Psychosis: is obsessed with increasing his power.

Gaia Girl
A mutation bonded Siobhan Han – one of the people working the huge farms of Earth to the wind, giving her vast power inside the biosphere.

S: 35  E: 12  A: 13  I: 10 C: 11 Level 1
Background: Agriculture
1) Heightened Strength B: +26
2) Weather Control: as per book
3) Flight: 432 mph
3) Special Requirement: Powers only work on Earth; on other habitable worlds it takes a month of residence for her to bond to the planet and regain her abilities.

The Terra Twins
Yen and Chen Wilkin were exposed to the same mutinagen as Gaia girl, and gained similar powers – though not quite so constrained.

S: 38  E: 12  A: 13  I: 09 C: 10 Level 1
Background: Agriculture
1) Heightened Strength B: +27
2a) Plant Control: Chen Wilkin has this power, which includes the ability to make plants grow rapidly, gaining 1 HP and 1 cubic foot in size per inch of movement he spends.
2b) Illusions B – Earth: Yen Wilkin has this power, with the PR reduced by half. It attacks as chemical power. He is skilled at making tunnels and can do so at his normal movement rate and PR1/turn

Star Zynski and his Mercenary Crew
“Star” Zynski is a rogue general with a small transportable army which he sells to the highest bidder and for the greatest challenge.

S: 12  E: 18  A: 15  I: 12 C: 14 Level 5
Background: Military x2
1) Lightning Gun: he has a huge rifle that fires lightning bolts of 2d8 damage at 28” range. 15 charges.
2) Armor Suit: this is 70 ADR armor.

These are a race of gaseous beings that inhabit Uranus; they have their own desires for the solar system that they are just beginning to implement. Their entire culture, lifecycle and drives are alien to us, and they have spent 600 years studying humanity before making their move.

S: 8  E: 9  A: 15  I: 15 C: 15 Level 4
Background: Politics and Mysticism
1) Astral Projection: This is permanent, and is the best way to describe their gaseous state. They can become visible or invisible at will, pass through nearly any substance, assume the appearance (but not the solidity) of a human form (some have special training in mimicking individuals), communicate telepathically with those around them (which is often mistaken for heard speech) and cannot directly affect the material world. PR 0
2) Mind Control: PR 20, this is actually a result of being inhaled by the target creature (which is why it is so traumatic to the Sssixl) and therefore has no range.
3) Psionics: Any mental powers a target possesses are doubled while the Sssixl is present; normal humans with latent powers will develop them while possessed.
4) Vulnerability: Permanently gaseous, high winds or pressurized confinement act as a paralysis ray on them, rendering them dormant.