Friday, October 24, 2014

Drama Again

This is the end of the discussions of the 1.1 Gaslamp Romance rules set - what to do with Drama Points.

I _think_ the decision to limit the number of Drama Points and reset them in each session is a good one. The players aren't interested in that long term resource management. There are some downstream effects from other decisions we made that mess with Drama Points

By getting rid of as many combat rolls as we have there are fewer rolls for players to make (and remember that players make all the rolls) and therefore fewer places to spend Drama Points. This makes each Drama Point more important in play. That's fine as long as we build for that.

Resetting the drama points every session, plus the low number for the Hero PCs, means we need to provide moments for PCs, especially Hero PCs, to get more Drama Points in play. Jim and I have to be mindful of this - in fact for this next session I wonder about using tokens for them and having 3-5 tokens on my side of the GM screen that I task myself with handing those out before we get to the last hour of play (plus a few more obviously if the players really get into it). That makes sure there's more flow in the drama point economy then we've seen so far. That burden, I think, falls on Jim and I as the GMs.

Next week I'll give a rundown of how these new rules worked in practice.