Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Randomness: The Case Files of Detective Double 1

 Again, this is just an excuse to showcase the advantages of random character creation and to help people fill out some nooks and crannies of their super-hero worlds. I’m rolling up characters in groups of 5 or 6, with one hero and a rogues’ gallery.  The first was a humorous hard luck hero ala Spider-Man who defended the city’s theater district from theater-themed villains; the second was a magical dimensional guardian facing ultraterrestrial threats in the American Midwest. This time around I ended up with a hero who carried a street level vibe so I gave him a Dick Tracy set of malformed villains.

Detective David Double
Beat Patrolman Double was an good community cop and a straight shooter who got too far ahead of his fellows during a police raid on what turned out to be the lab of the mad scientist Lord Geode. Caught in a burst of exotic chemicals David woke to found himself twice as good as any human could ever be – while a world record runner could end up winded from running 15 MPH for eight minutes to cover a mile, David could run at 30 MPH for over eight minutes before slowing down. The strongest men in his weight class could deadlift 800 lbs while he could get that over his head, or deadlift ¾ of a ton. He found his senses sharpened in both what they could do (he can see at 20 feet what a normal man can see at 5) and how quickly he processed from them (letting him make connections immediately that others might never see). With these new powers he quickly made detective and became the force’s point man on the city’s strangely deformed criminals and their gangs. Clad in a distinctive bright-blue trench coat & hat and black shades (to protect his doubly light sensitive eyes) he sometimes works alone and other times leads a crack police team that is beloved by the city. (Heightened Strength to 26, Speed Bonus to 170” ground movement, modified to give +4 on Initiative and on all Agility checks involving movement, Heightened Charisma to 27, Heightened Senses (quadruple all detections, double all senses, immune to range/darkness/side facing penalties, +3 to hit with pistols), Diminished Senses (Light Vulnerability)

Jenny Capricorn
This master of Iron-Head Kung Fu is the city’s representative for the Zodiac Gang that spans the globe. Aside from being a brutally effective martial artist Jenny’s chi is so concentrated her forehead that her hair grows into curves that resemble goat horns and with which she can deliver devastating blows that will, say, destroy cars or shatter plate steel. She can also parry almost anything with her forehead if she braces for it. Jenny has a gang that works for her in international smuggling, where she is in occasional conflict with Snake-head’s gang – when that conflict flares up it’s bad for the city. (Natural Weaponry +3/+6, Ht. Agility +7, Power Blast , Physical Limitation – no range on Power Blast)

Lord Geode
In 1912 Alfred Wegener developed the theory of continental drift, only to spend decades being mocked by the science establishment. He would show them…HE WOULD SHOW THEM ALL! His unorthodox experiments in how the world worked let him horribly mutated – his body is made of stone and his head is a giant geode (with holes into the crystal for the eyes and mouth), he ages on geologic time – but his magnetic charisma has drawn a mass of followers to him who administer his century old criminal empire during his inevitable absence after mysterious deaths. Lord Geode’s work has opened an underworld that’s radically different than what other scientists and explorers have found – almost as if he funds an alternate dimension beneath the earth from which he can launch his assaults on other the timid forces of conventional science. (Dimensional Travel A, Ht. Charisma +22, Ht. Intelligence +10, Chemical Power – Stone.)

More later....