Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IMTU Chimera: Blade Sticks 2

Second part of the Blade Sticks list. The intent is to provide 5 distinct styles of 3 levels for the players to pick from, built around game mechanics and chromed for animal stances (giving an Asian feel via chrome).

Scorpion Style: Multiple blade style intended to dispatch mooks. 
Scorpion Stance: 1 shot to adopt a knife forward, blade in back hand stance that suckers mooks into lowering their defenses. Gain +2 Martial Arts on any shot to take out mooks.
Scorpion's Strike: While in Scorpion Stance any attack takes out Mooks on an outcome of 4+
Scorpion's Dance: 3 Shot attack and 1 Fortune to weave a a circle of death - if you hit a Mook you can attack another Mook on the next shot until you either miss or run out of Mooks to hit. You don't have to drop the Mook, just hit them.

Bear Style: heavy blade combat, preferring swings over lunges. Use to deliver damage to main foes. 
Bear Stance: 1 shot to adopt a sword front stance that gives plenty of room for parries and swings. Any attack on a Named Opponent is at +1 Martial Arts in this stance.
Bear's Paw: Make a 3 shot attack that has +3 damage.
Bear's Fury: Make a 3 shot attack with 1 Fortune at a +3 Martial Arts against a named foe.

Crane Style: Light bladed combat full of leaps and lunges, this is 'classic fencing'
Crane Stance: 1 shot to adopt a narrow profile, sword to opponent stance that gives a +1 Martial Arts for defense due to forward and backward leaps and parries.
Crane's Wing: make a 2 shot weapon display of very fast attacks and parries, If this registers as a hit add the outcome to your Martial Arts for your next attack on the opponent.
Crane's Beak: 3 shots and 1 Fortune for a Martial Arts attack with +2 to Martial Arts against any foe.

I'm very interested in how people think these balance, and if they have ideas for other styles that might work,