Thursday, May 28, 2015

IMTU Chimera: Guns Shticks 2

Here is the back half of the Guns Shticks list. Many of these are not in the FS1e rules but have been added over the years.

Given the de-emphasized guns in our initial campaign frame I don't expect many of these to see use at the start, but they;re good to give an idea of what the campaign could have.

Nobody Gets Away: When you are chasing after an opponent you are almost impossible to lose. Each shtick gives +3 Mind roll to follow someone. Add the outcome your next Action Skill use, so you can either chase more or end this with a good shot.

Pistol Whipping: Your weapons are almost an extension of your own arms: they are deadly in your grasp whatever the situation. You can Pistol whip an opponent using your Guns skill at –2 (or no modifier with the second Shtick).

The Quip: You know a particular witticism, sarcastic remark, or cool quote to add insult to injury (and vice versa), a sort of “trademark”. It must be a short, catchy sentence. Once each game session you may spend one shot saying The Quip to invoke one of the following (chosen when used):
1) The target can’t use his toughness to reduce the damage.
2) You automatically hit your target. Damage is base damage of your weapon; Outcome is considered to be 0 + the difference between your AV and target’s DV as if you had actually fired (apply all modifiers and yes, even if Outcome is negative you still hit). You may spend a Fortune die to add to Outcome.
You can’t have more than one Quip, you can only use it once per session, and it only modifies your Guns attacks.

Shoots Through Walls: Given guns penetrating power most cover protects by impeding the shooters aim. The Shoots Through Walls lets you fire accurately through whatever they’ve hidden behind. Spend 1 shot to make a Mind check (target 7) to eliminate most cover penalties. , you can ignore the penalties for anything that  is not thick hard metal).

Signature Weapon: As per FS Rulebook.

Slo Mo: If you have a higher Initiative than your opponents, they can’t make Active Dodges against your Guns attacks until their respective first Shots come up.'

Trenchcoat Effect: For every level of this shtick, you can negate concealability ratings for 2 pistols or one larger gun. This shtick can only be used with a trenchcoat/duster/long opera cape long enough to realistically (more or less) hide the weapon(s) and at least come to the PC’s mid-thigh. No more than 2 Shticks can be spent on this Trenchcoat Effect.

Zen Marksmanship: Each shtick in Zen Marksmanship lets you aim three shots beyond the three normal shot limit with full benefits.