Monday, March 18, 2013

Heroes of the United World 13 - Calooh Callay!

Not directly connected with the setting, but Jeff Dee and Jack Herman have won the rights back (at least in part) to their classic RPG Villains & Vigilantes, which was the engine I used for this setting. They didn't get full rights back but the Judge did make it clear that their original publisher, Fantasy Games Unlimited, has lost the trademark and has no rights to electronic publication, new works or derivative product (such as T-Shirts with the V&V logo).

Obviously I am thrilled by this - Jeff ad Jack's formation of Monkey House Games two years ago helped kickstart some more support for the game (though it's design was always open ended enough to not need support, but more support doesn't hurt), not just from them but from Scott Bizar's mad scramble to produce new product (for a property he'd let moulder for years) in hopes of improving his claim to the copyright. More attention to a game like V&V, which embodies to me so much of what was good about early RPG design, is an unvarnished good, and the fact that the creators won back rights to publish their work is even better.

Huzzah! Lets go out there and make some Justice!