Monday, August 24, 2015

IMTU Lifepath 3

1.7.8 Historical Events & Orphan Dice

If the player has dice that are outside sets they pick off of following list to determine which key background events they were at. Each carries certain advantages

1x1a: The Dinner Party of Infamy (Doc, Gears, Jack)

Characters who were here must have had some special cachet or notable characteristic. They can choose to take Status 10 if they don’t already have that or raise any Archetype Bridge skill from 11 to 12.

1x1 b: Empire takes sector capital:

Being here means you fought bravely but briefly in the battle and then geared up for the fight; Increase any Archetype Action skill from 11 to 12 or take Info (Republic) at 10

1x2 a: Misaimed Attack (Jack)

You might not have seen a lot of combat in your career, which may be why you were at so badly bungled an attack on the imperial side or so caught by surprise on the Republic side. You learned from this mistake and can increase Guns or Drive skill to 11.

1x2 b Battle of Baltimore:

This brutal long siege is what broke the back of the Imperial desire to press on. Having been there you can raise Martial Arts, Repair or Survival to 11.

1x3a: Solar Flare and Flagship Evacuation

You were part of the battle and the relief effort that combined turned the tide of the war, and forced you to use skills you don’t normally use. Pick any one Bridge skill in your Archetype and raise it to an 11, but you must justify how it was used..

1x3b Prion Plague (Skipper, Doc)

You were part of the science team that either accidentally unleashed or tried to contain the plague or the crew on one of the ships involved in the evacuation to he Reef. Pick any one Bridge skill in your Archetype and raise it to an 11, but you must justify how it was used.

1x4a: Vargr Treaty Signed

You were present at the Vargr treaty negotiations, at least at the end of them, which gives you either Status 9 or Info (Vargr) 10; In either event you can speak Vargr.

1x4b: Post War Relief Efforts

You helped negotiate and organize the post war relief efforts and re-opened diplomatic ties with the Empire. This gives you either Status 9 or Info (Imperial Trading Families) 10, which is a good way to open plot threads….

1x5a: Forge Battle:

You were present when something really weird happened, and drove you to learn more about it. Add Info (Science) or Info (Precursor) at 10.

1x5b: Memetic Event (Skipper)

Something inhuman was downloaded into your brain. Add the Shtick Memetic Dowload, but you cannot start play with Memetic points to access the higher levels of the ability.