Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A brief apology

So this blog obviously feel into torpor some time ago. My hope is to revive it with a few modifications.

First, several of the comments were that my posts were too long, making them difficult to read in the usual blog post rotation. Fair enough. I’ll strive for concision this time, and also breaking the big ideas up into smaller ideas.

Second rather than trying to fit a whole game into a month I’m going to focus on some things I’m doing right now over the next several months. These will be my entirely unauthorized Girl Genius rules set, my entirely unauthorized and started before the 2E playtest revisions to Feng Shui for a Western with the kitchen sink environment and my experiences with D&D 5E as I run it for my parent and child D&D group. I’ll be alternating between these three.

Hopefully I will be able to work enough in so that I can keep up momentum and not have things peter out again. Switching things up might help.

As always the comment boxes are open.