Friday, February 3, 2023

Lost Galmagia: Third Level Spells and Reversals

This is as far as I've gotten on the spells and reversals, but I think this will hold me for a long period of play. 

Continual Light
4th level Reversals: Continual Darkness

Detect ‘Evil’
4th level Reversals: Alignment Ward: The reverse of this spell protects one target from registering under the “Detect Evil” spell for one day per caster level.

4th level Reversals: Thought Ward: The reverse of this spell protects one target from having their thoughts read for one day per caster level.

Feather Fall: Duration: 8 hours or 1 turn: The caster protects themselves against falling (and falling damage) for the next 8 hours. Any time during this period that the caster starts to fall, they float at a non-threatening pace to the ground. At any point during the 8-hour duration the spell the caster may re-direct this to another living creature or unliving mass of up to 5000 coins (500 lbs); the caster loses the advantage of the spell, but the new recipient gains it for 10 minutes.
4th level Reversals: Levitate

Find Traps
4th level Reversals: Rune Trap: The caster can place a rune onto any space or on any object that has no effect other than convincing people that there is a trap. A Save vs. Spells is needed to overcome the belief that it is trapped. The rune is permanent, but takes 10 minutes to cast.

Glamour: This spell creates or changes appearances within the area of the spell effect: up to a 20' x 20' x 20' cube. The caster should create an illusion of something he or she has seen.
4th level Reversals: Suppress Glamours: This spell suppresses any active illusions inside a 20’ radius of the caster. This effect continues for concentration: free standing illusions are dispelled, but those that are permanent parts of the dungeon, or are being actively maintained via concentration by magic-user or elf casters, will reappear when the caster stops concentrating.

4th level Reversals: Detect Invisible

Wizard Lock
4th level Reversal: Knock

Locate Object
4th level Reversal: Divination Ward: The reverse of this spell allows the caster to create a magical protection against anyone scrying on them (or their conversations if other people are talking to them) lasting 24 hours. This blocks magic mirrors, crystal balls, clairsentience, and similar spells.

Mirror Image
4th level Reversal: Phantasmal Forces: The reverse of this spell, rather than creating duplicates of the caster, creates a number of phantasmal warriors equal to the caster’s level that appear in the most believable fashion the caster can contrive within 60, and attack the caster’s enemies as per the Glamour spell. The each solider ‘dies’ if hit, gets 1 attack per round, and does 1d8 damage per hit. These phantasmal forces will move and act in a believable fashion for 1 turn, must remain within 60’ of the caster, and do not require concentration to maintain.

4th level reversal: No reversal has yet been found for this spell.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Lost Galmagia: First Level spells and Reversals

Since there was interest, here are the first level magic-user and elf spells and their reversals. Resist Cold and Fire, normally Cleric spells, are on here because Clerics now have two magic pools – faith-based miracles and erudition-based spellcasting learned in study similar to the magic-user. The overlap between the spell lists is thus explained, and it helps drive home my preferred clerics-as-educated-members-of-an-organized-religion style.

Charm Person
2nd level Reverse: Generate Enmity: Rather than the target considering the caster a friend, they consider some other person designated by the caster as an enemy. This enmity doesn’t immediately rise to immediate violence (unless that is a strong part of the target’s personality), but they will begin scheming against their new ‘foe’. The caster doesn’t have to say or do anything for the enmity to play out, but any suggestions the caster makes that would lead to the downfall of the target’s new enemy will be considered.

Enlargements: The target of the spell has its size doubled (for an unliving object) or increased by one half for a living target. Living targets can resist with a save vs. Spells if they desire, or just accept the growth.
2nd level Reverse: Reductions: The reverse of this spell shrinks non-living matter to 1/4of its size. Humans, dwarves and elves become the size of halflings. Halflings become the size of cats.

Floating Disc:
2nd level Reverse: Forceful Disk: Rather than an invisible carrying cart, the caster can point and direct that force to push a single human sized or smaller target within range backward. On a failed save vs. wands the target is pushed back 10’. If a barrier keeps the target from moving the entire distance, it is pinned against the barrier and cannot move until the caster stops pointing or the target roll a 5+ on d6 (, adding Strength modifier). The caster can take no other action while continuing to point at them.

Hold Portal
2nd level Reverse: Unlock: Rather than holding a portal closed, the caster can not just unlock a door or simple lock but prevent it from being locked during the duration of the spell. This will not open a held portal, nor will it unlock a complex lock. If cast on a trapped lock, it will harmlessly triggers the trap (unless it is designed to hurt someone other than the lock opener in which case effects happen as normal).

2nd level Reverse: Darkness

Magic Missile
2nd level Reverse: Shield

Protection from Evil
2nd level Reverse: Summon Evil: The reverse of this spell draws ‘evil’ opponents to them; this triples the rate of wandering monster encounters for the duration, and if a monster occurs the DM should select the ones on the table that best fit the protection from evil criteria as the ones to arrive.

Resist Cold
2nd Level Reverse: Resist Fire

2nd level Reverse: Elf’s Blessing: The reverse of this spell makes the caster plus 1d4+1 members of their party immune to sleep magic and paralysis from ghouls for 4 hours. If cast just before a normal rest, the affected creatures can act normally for another 4 hours, and only need 4 hours rest.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lost Galmagia Week 4: Under the Ancestor’s Ward

One thing I’m loving about the B/X treasure tables is the inclusion of maps as a scroll. They immediately feed the PCs more information about things they might want to pursue, but unlike a grand quest they’re still a choice. This week’s set of rooms is built around that – the 1st room provides a treasure map, and the 3rd-7th rooms are the treasure location, but due to the dungeon geography the PCs have to exit the dungeon, search the smashed cemetery of the Ancestors Ward for the entrance, and then overcome the obstacles for… even more scrolls! OK, a spellbook. But that’s gonna be a huge draw for any Magic-User PCs.

1.23: Invisible Statues and Water Stash
This hemisphere is a shrine to the Galmagian Noble ancestors. Since the Ancestors Ward was overrun with shantytowns, the noble houses re-interred their dead in the undercity, with a shrine here to propitiate unmoved remains. Central is a perpetually flowing/purified fountain that local monsters use as a water source (double random encounter chance), and a plaque with an accurate map of the Ancestor’s Ward. That plaque hangs loosely, as if someone tried to remove it (PCs can finish the job in 1 turn). In between the plaque and the fountain is an invisible statue of a woman in wizards robes, kneeling and pointing towards the fountain. Any search of the room has someone comedically bump into her, but she’s well braced and will only fall over with concerted effort. The PCs can sell it as an oddity for 100 GP or find someone to cast the Dispel Magic needed to breach a 3rd level Invisibility and a 10th level Petrification.

Stashed behind the waterfall is an oilcloth backpack with dungeoneering equipment and notebooks that have suffered some damage. One is a travelling spellbook; Read Magic spell reveals Hold Portal, Invisibility & Locate Object intact. The other? Journal of Jewel Neilsdottor, who learned how this plaque could reveal the resting place of T’tam the Bird, buried in the Ancestors Quarter… WITH HIS SPELLBOOKS… in his bird-carved coffin. Jewel planned to claim these alone (Wis 5) with her Invisibility & Locate Object; the guardians of T’Tam’s tomb relied on sight. What could go wrong…?

1.24: Branches to the Manor Houses
This space is notable for the three branches to the individual manor house basements.

1.25: Entrance to the Crypt of T’tam
The circular stairs down can be uncovered with 2d6 person-hours work (if the PCs can find it!). At the base of the stairs is a carved Paralysis rune that has a 4 in 6 chance of striking anyone who doesn’t leap from the bottom step into the room. The rune is permanent and doesn’t have recharge time. Once the rune triggers a Crystal Living Statue will activate in each of 1.26 and 1.27, but both of them are shattered and instead crystal limbs without hands and one head missing a nose and jaw crawl into the room to be completely ineffectual in combat.

1.26, 1.27: Mirrored chambers of the crypt:
Each of these rooms is partially collapsed but navigable. Each has the remains of three human-shaped living crystal statues in them, buried and shattered. Room 1.27 is the less stable of the pair, and part of its ceiling can be brought down with an Open Doors check, forcing everything in it to make a Petrification save or be buried under rubble.

1.28: The Central Dias
The bridge between the mirrored rooms is a two-step raised dais with a sarcophagus on it, surrounded by crystal statues of four giant lizards, the guardians of the underworld in human myth. Each is damaged by rockfall but functioning (1/2 HP and damage), and activate when they see anyone step on the dais. The secret door entrance is on the north stairs of the dais, which can be unlocked at the sarcophagus and folded down to meet lower stairs – the stairs need to be re-folded up to crawl over the lower stairs to reach the path to the true tomb. The sarcophagus holds a ‘cursed scroll’ spellbook that when opened turns the reader into the bird their personality most resembles (Save vs. Polymorph). There’s also a Potion of Gaseous Form (makes you a flock of hummingbirds), a Potion of Diminution (you take on a birdlike aspect), 10 Arrows +1 fletched with golden hawk feathers, and 2500 SP in gold and silver bird statuary.

1.29: The True Tomb of T’tam

The otherwise empty room holds the elaborately aviary-carved sarcophagus of T’tam, inside of which is his spellbook, the equivalent of 4 scrolls each holding 2-3 spells (determine if the players ever find them). 

Friday, January 27, 2023

Lost Galmagia: Monster Stat Blocks 2

There will likely be lots of Monster Stat Blocks in my future, but here goes

Skeletons (Level 1)
Number appearing: 3-12 (3-30 if in spawning point)
AC 12; HP 4; Move 40’ per round
Attacks are +0 to hit with weapon, damage 3 per hit.
Morale: 12
Specials: Turn as Skeletons; standard undead defenses (but see Drowned Ones, below)

Skeletons are either animated dead under the control of a Magic-User or Cleric – in which case they are mindless, programmed automatons with full Undead defenses – or are ‘Drowned Ones’ – those who died in water and were not recovered and given last rites. 1 in 10 such people will rise with parts of their personality intact and a deep burning anger at the living. These are still immune to sleep spells but have enough of a personality to be charmed. Skeletons arm themselves with weapons and shields, and their AC comes \ from their lack of vulnerable spots and their parrying speed.

Ogres (Level 4)
Number appearing: 1-6 (or 2-12 in lair)
AC 14; HP 17; Move 30’ per round
Attacks are +3 to hit with their clubs or axes; damage 12 per hit.
Morale: 10
Specials: On a roll of 18+ the target is also tossed back 5 or 10 feet. No extra damage done, but repositioning.
Specials: On a roll of 1-3, the target must save vs. Wands or take 1 pt damage from shrapnel caused by the miss.

Ogres stand 8-10 feet tall and are the age category between orc and Hill Giant. They have outgrown the perpetual anger of Orcs but replaced it with a ravenous hunger as they are growing rapidly. They have lost none of the weapons skills they learned as orcs, but their perpetual hunger makes them appear dim witted in anything other than ambushing food.

Pledged Dead (Level 2*)
Number appearing: 1-8
AC 11; HP 10; Move 40’ per round
Attacks are +1 to hit with their spectral swords or maces, damage 6 per hit.
Morale: 12
Specials: Require magic to hit (any enchanted item can strike them for 1 point of damage).
Specials: Turn as Zombies. Immediately dispelled if corpses disrupted. Must stay within 1000’ of place of death.
Specials: On a roll of 1-3, Target must save vs. Petrification or shy back 5’ feet from the ghostly presence.

Pledged Dead are servants of the Gods of Humanity, albeit limited ones. People who had pledged their loyalty to the church in life can have those pledged continued after death by a Cleric of 5th level or greater placing a holy symbol on the chest of their corpse (which must still be roughly where it died). This releases a semi-corporeal spirit that will follow the orders of any cleric of the human gods who issues them tasks. Thy can’t leave the vicinity of their death.

Ogres (Level 4)
Number appearing: 1-6 (or 2-12 in lair)
AC 14; HP 17; Move 30’ per round
Attacks are +3 to hit with their clubs or axes; damage 12 per hit.
Morale: 10
Specials: On a roll of 18+ the target is also tossed back 5 or 10 feet. No extra damage done, but repositioning.
Specials: On a roll of 1-3, the target must save vs. Wands or take 1 pt damage from shrapnel caused by the miss.

Ogres stand 8-10 feet tall and are the age category between orc and Hill Giant. They have outgrown the perpetual anger

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Lost Galmagia: Monster Stat Blocks

Since I’m making some new ones, I should stat them up; plus how do I plan to run this.

Monster Base Principles

I’m tying monsters to level more because that was always the discussion in D&D but the HD = Level doesn’t feel mechanically rigorous enough for me. There’s some real 13th Age thinking in this,.

Monsters per level: 4.5 HP, +0.75 to hit (round down), 3 damage per level (+1 per attack if the damage is split across multiple attacks), AC is 8 at levels 0 and 1, 11 at levels 2-4, 14 at levels 5-8, and 18 and level 9 (reduce HP by 5% for every 1 pt. increase in AC). Save as Fighter at level. Special abilities usually activate on a to hit roll of 18+ or 15+, 6- or 3- and do not effect the Level of the monster; it just makes it meaner.

Soul Echoes (Level 0)
Number appearing: 1 Anywhere (2d4 at abandoned holy sites)
AC 8; HP 3; Move 20’ per round (floating)
Attacks are +0 to hit with touch, 0 damage per hit,
Morale: 12 (songs, palindromes, or collections of multi-colored sorting stones keep them away for 2d4 hours)
Specials: On an attack roll of 15+, drain 1 Constitution (usable once an hour, recovers after day in Place of Safety), Only hit by Magic Weapons, Turns as Skeleton (any turning destroys), bound to religious sites near their area of death

Notes: These translucent forms are just barely undead; not ghosts with personalities and grievances but echoes of spirits that were never laid to rest. Rarely they are found individually floating towards religious sites, where the local clergy can easily dispel them, or floating in numbers around abandoned holy sites. They prefer to attack at night when their insidious stealing of the targets breath can have maximum effect, but will attack if surprised at any time..

Prairie Rats (level 0)
Number appearing: 2-20 near where they’ve set up a burrow (5-50 in burrow)
AC 8; HP 1 per 2 rats; Move 20’ per round (swim 10)
Attacks are +0 to hit with bite, 1 damage on odd hit, 2 damage on even hit, and are made per group of 5-10 rats.
Morale: 5 (unless controlled)
Specials: On an attack roll of 18+, Target must save vs. poison or get sick in 24 hours. Constitution check of 3+ to avoid death in 1d6 days, otherwise sick for one month (Cure Disease immediately fixes, Clerical assistance gives +1 on check)
Specials: On an attack roll of 3-, the rats swarming over the target can overbalance it; save vs. Death or be knocked down and unable to attack until Death save made to regain feet or rats driven off

Notes: These are omnivorous menaces of the Tarmalanian plains; they are like normal rats in size, but burrow constantly, and will happily form packs to attack humans. Generally, they have to be smoked or burned out of places but once an infestation starts they’re very difficult to eradicate. They will quickly devour corpses left in areas they infest (Goblins hate them due to this tendency and usually attack them whenever they see them).

Fire Beetles (Level 1)
Number appearing: 1-8 in large radius of their pit (2-12 in pit)
AC 15; HP 4; Move 40’ per round
Attacks are +0 to hit with mandibles, damage 3 per hit.
Morale: 2 (if outside of pit area) or 9 (if inside pit and target restrained)
Specials: tremorsense, can walk over stagnant water or mud without restraint

Fire Beetles are yard long creatures found near swamps or mud pits. They have two glowing glands above their eyes and one at their tail (which they can close off to kill the light, and which glow for 1d6 days after their death) that light a 10’ radius. They never attack targets who are not in some way restrained – preferably in their swamps or mudpits – and those they attack viciously, killing the lights. They will drag off any corpses they come across, back to the pits.
If the target isn’t restrained, they quickly skuttle away from any attempt at violence against them.