Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Lost Galmagia Write Up Session 2.4

Aethra Chatoyant [Magic-User 1 – apprentice of a famous master / elf-sister]; Ayleton the Cat [Familiar 1 – animal familiar / ship cat of unknown port]; Oland [Rogue 1 – Spy / personal keyword not yet defined]; Brömm [Dwarf 1 – Dwarf-raised / Bonded Clockwork Guilds-dwarf]

The still woozy Aethra sits to go through the ogre’s possessions – turning up a large pouch containing 500 GP in mixed imperial coin! – while Brömm and Oland go through the crates. Two of them, full of tea and paper, were both too damaged by elements and time to have any value. The other 4 hold woven rugs, salt blocks, teak boards, and packed jars of dyes and pigments, any of which could have real value in Amethyst Spire! But it’s all so big! Under Aethra’s direction the chest of paper is emptied and refilled by one or two examples of each chest, and then with a gesture the magic-User calls on her remaining spell to lift the crate in the air. 

Abandoning cautious movement over the path they just took the adventurers move as quickly as Aethra’s wounds allow to the Customs House ballroom (stopping to make a prayer gesture at the arch, just in case). They reach camp just as both the floating disk enchantment and Aethra’s stamina give out. It’s still before noon and if they hurry they can make Amethyst Spire before gate-close. The mule is loaded with their newfound trade goods and everyone moves at their best speed back along the road towards the town. The plan is to take the same circuitous route back to keep their entry into Lost Galmagia a secret. 

Without losing speed they keep eyes peeled for any evidence of where a wagon or two might have gone astray… say, a caravan of goldsmith’s guild vault contents. To their shock Ayleton does locate something! The cat’s keen senses (and high Divine Favor!) reveal some overgrown ruts that might have been a side road a quarter century ago. Their need to get home overrides their desire to pursue this lead so they mark the spot and keep moving. 

Arriving at Amethyst Spire’s ‘Gate Ward’ just at sunset the garrulous Richard Stockton wheedles their way in, sharing stories of a visit to Turnip Hill to the north to explain their crate of mixed trade goods.  The group decamp to the Axe and Thistle, where Stockton is part owner and arranged for the party’s goods to be stored in their basement. As a first proof of concept the delve was a remarkable success! No one died! Bags of Gold! Perhaps not enough to retire on but certainly enough to fund a return trip. 

Over the next five weeks the adventurers heal up, divide their treasure (with Brömm and Aethra holding the Ogres bag of coin as an emergency reserve), purchase equipment, and line up possible buyers for the crates of goods based on the samples they returned with. Brömm estimates the crates in total will fetch around 500GP (the rugs fetching the least at 50 GP, then the wood at 100, the salt at 150 and the dyes at 200), if they can get them back here. Mules? Multiple trips with Aethra’s magic? Hiring porters? 

Aethra spends her time looking for other methods past the Amber but finds nothing else: she needs to locate either a Hold Portal spell and gain enough experience to reverse it, or find the even more complicated Knock spell. Her efforts turn to finding someone she can learn those from, while she copies the Protection from Evil spell into her spellbook. 

Ayleton sneaks into the undercity of Amethyst Spire several times to listen in on the scholarly salons there, learning more about Goblins – that they were evicted from the Unseelie Court for not being cruel enough, but are altogether too capricious for the Seelie to tolerate, with their markets and trades in human foibles – and passes that along to Aethra. 

Brömm tried to dig into the history of Robert the Chief Custom’s Clerk, but with no success. 

Oland asks around concerning the private rituals of the matriarchy and confirms that none of them correspond to the outfit worn by the ogre-murdered man; it’s equally unlikely that it was the guard of a Brotherhood of the Stars cult. If the man was practicing a religion, it doesn’t correspond to one Oland can identify.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Lost Galmagia: Rogues and Initiative

I designed Rogue’s combat abilities to be distinct from fighters. While fighters (and by extension elves and dwarves) use the natural die roll to determine if their special abilities activate, Rogues have options that open up based on surprise or whether their side of the combat has initiative. So far it's working, but we'll see how well this works. 

Surprise Rounds

            When it’s time to roll for surprise, the rogue rolls individually, applying their Sharp Senses bonus both to the group roll and their individual roll. The rogue uses the better roll, which means they may avoid surprise, or surprise opponents, even if the rest of the party does not.

            When the rogue has Surprise, they can ‘backstab’ a target, gaining +4 to hit and doing extra damage.

Without Initiative

            The rogue can try to ‘seize the initiative’ with a risky attack. They act before the side that won initiative but must attack the most dangerous foe/obvious leader. If they hit, they do normal damage and their side regains the initiative. If they miss, they are at –4 AC for the round and a prime target.

            If the rogue doesn’t have initiative, they can skip their attack on the back half of the round this round and reposition themselves to set up a backstab attack on their next round (regardless of which side wins initiative).

            If the rogue’s side doesn’t have initiative, they can announce they are skipping their attack in the back half of this round to gain +4 AC for the front half of the round.

With Initiative

            The rogue may apply their dexterity modifier to their attacks rather than their strength modifier.

            If the rogue’s total attack bonus (Class + dexterity modifier) is +2 or greater, they can make two attacks, each at half the bonus (round down), for one die code lower damage (so d4 rather than d6 for a regular short sword). This also applies during a surprise round and can be combined with backstabbing if the rogue has initiative or surprise.

            The rogue can press an opponent, where a successful attack does not do damage, but reduces the targets AC by 3 for the round, and any attacks allies land on that target do +2 damage.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Lost Galmagia Write Up Session 2.3

Aethra Chatoyant [Magic-User 1 – apprentice of a famous master / elf-sister]; Ayleton the Cat [Familiar 1 – animal familiar / ship cat of unknown port]; Oland [Rogue 1 – Spy / personal keyword not yet defined]; Brömm [Dwarf 1 – Dwarf-raised / Bonded Clockwork Guilds-dwarf]

The Ogre has nearly caught up with Oland when Aethra makes a gesture and a missile of magical energy silently streaks from her a strikes the creature square in the shoulder. Against a man, that would have blown its arm clean off. The ogre is slowed, but just enough for Brömm to clear the distance and interpose himself between the ogre and Oland. Brömm’s armor takes the first blow, and the dwarf responds with a counter-stroke that fails to connect but plants the battle here. Ayleton shifts to cheetah form and prepares to leap but Aethra warns him off – whatever parasites are under that ogre’s skin might be communicable to the cat via its bite – and then the mage lights a torch off the lantern to better illuminate the battle.

There are several tense seconds of attack and counter-attack between the dwarf and ogre before Brömm manages to set the ogre up for one of Oland’s sling stones, and then follow up almost immediately with brutal strike that should have laid the creature low. Alas those carrying the gift of Growth Eternal are hard to kill, and Ogres are past the age of boundless rage and are canny fighters. Aethra steps ahead and to the side and lobs the torch at the ogre, who bats it contemptuously away, where it lands in the oil. Unable to get past the dwarfs guard the Ogre slams its club down onto the ground, sending shrapnel from the floor up to cut the dwarf’s face and hands. It then leaps to the side and lays out Aethra with a single blow. Ayleton leaps forward and drags his mistress to safety confirming she’s badly  bruised and stunned but their familiar bond is keeping her alive. Brömm gets inside the ogres guard and wrong foots it, keeping it from dodging Olands sling. The stone strikes it square and it staggers back several paces before falling into the fire.

[If you’re wondering, this is Players win initiative, Brömm rolls under a 7 for tactical insight, Aethra uses her Magic Missile for 6 damage, Ogre misses Oland(chromed as because of the magic missile). Ogre wins initiative but misses Brömm, Brömm misses back with a roll low enough to “aid” Oland’s attack, Oland misses with sling, Aethra grabs torch; Players win initiative, both hitting for a combined 8+3=11 damage, Aethra lights torch, Ogre misses, but with a high enough roll that it doesn’t fail a morale check for being under half HP. Players win initiative, but all miss again, including with the thrown torch even with Brömm’s Aid for Aethra, and the ogre misses poorly enough to activate its ‘save or take shrapnel damage’ attack. Ogre wins initiative, hits Aethra, Ayleton makes a stabilize check with a roll of 19, confirming Aethra will survive if she’s not hit again, Brömm rolls poorly enough again to give Oland a +2 to hit, which just puts the rogue over the hit threshold, doing the last HP of damage needed on the 18 HP Ogre. 5 tense rounds of combat in under 20 minutes play time.]

Everyone gives a heavy sigh of relief, and are amazed when two glowing snakes rise out from the ogre’s skin, turn to the adventurers, nod, and fade away into mist. Oland, conscious of the role snakes play in human religion even if he’s generally agnostic, takes a moment to bow his head back at whatever hold forces were weakening the ogre into something they could defeat. Aethra staggers to her feat and everyone heads into the space between the crates to hide and recover. They will have to return to the surface soon; Aethra cannot manage another battle, and indeed needs time in a truly safe space to recover from that injury.

To their surprise they find the corpse of the man they had been following, his skull smashed by an ogre’s club. The figure is powerfully built but even of limb, with a beetle brow, jutting jaw and craggy features that somehow still convey nobility. They find his mask, amorpha and a sliver-chased club that must have been under his cloak tossed atop the ogre’s possessions, and Ayleton insists to his mistress that they give him as proper last rites as they can manage, with the cat dragging the mask back onto the fellows face. The others generally agree its best to be in the gods’ good graces, even at the cost of the silver-plated mask.

That done Ayleton takes a watch position on the ramp, spotting a trio of enormous rats approaching. A cat vs. rat stand-off leads the rats to accept the less threatening meal of slow roasted ogre.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Lost Galmagia Week 14: The Lair of the Lagomorphs

The retinue of the Elf mercenaries The Green Sword Company lived in rooms 4.1 and 4.2 with the more martial members of the order and when the Giants Shadow fell not all of them attempted to get away from the city, perhaps not realizing its doom was approaching. Once it was obvious there was no escape the 10 of them (Hazel, Holly, Strawberry, Silver, Cowslip, Bluebell, Dandelion, Acorn, Buckthorn, Daffodil, Woundwart, Campion) activated the trap on 4.2's door and transformed into rabbits to hide when the orcs raided the lower levels. But that raid never came. Being elves (and rabbits) their time sense isn't the best and they have no idea how long they've been here, and since they volunteered for the transformation it doesn't have the 24 hour time limit - they are rabbits until they decide to stop being rabbits. In addition, time spent in 4.1a doesn't count to the 24 hour time limit, but if the PCs are polite the whole place counts as a Place of Safety, where they can completely heal and recover spells. 

They have no fear of "Bigeyes", the Owlbear, as they can command it in Elvish. (yes they can speak, as can the PCs in rabbit form. Their children, of which there are dozens, are just normal rabbits and cannot; the curse is weird, as are elves, who don't give them a lot of thought.) 

The elves have recreated a mini-court here in their warren, the king and queen titles passing from one couple to the next over time - it's currently Acorn and Dandelion - who are the most formal and chivalrous of the set. If the PCs are transformed into Rabbits the Knights of the Court (Hazel and Holly) will rescue them from Bigeyes (assuming the PCs didn't already antagonize room 4.1a) and invite them in. They will tell the PCs that yes, they can restore the PCs to humanity, but only if they become knights of the court, which will require a quest. 

The PCs will be outfitted with tabards making them squires William o' the Kit,  

4.3 The Entrance
This boomerang shaped chamber at the top of the warren allows entry in or out of room 4.1, and is guarded by Strawberry and Silver, two very diplomatic rabbits who will see to the PCs immediate needs. Suspicious PCs (anyone who asks) will sense the two are sizing the PCs up somehow, but this i just to have tabards made in their sizes. If Hazel and Holly aren't here, Strawberry will call them to "take our guests down below..."

4.4 The Big Room
Sliding down out of the entrance leads to a room full of normal rabbits, doing normal rabbit things. While Hazel and Holly take the PCs through this space, as Silver leaps off ahead to 2.8 (again, tabards must be made). None of the other rabbits will speak to the PCs because they are normal rabbits. 

4.5 The Enchantment Room
Here is where the elf rabbits can still work magic - the room is festooned with runes carved into the roots of the great tree overhead. Any of the elf rabbits can do things here, but Cowslip and Bluebell have the most proficiency with it: creating and transforming objects. Any conventional rabbit sized materials (that are not iron) can be created here. The runes have made the tree overhead magical, so if the PC pick any of the 6 fruits from it, those will act as Quall's Feather Tokens, becoming useful one use magic items. 

4.6 The Storage Area
This space is used to store things that were of value to the rabbits before they transformed. There are books here, scrolls, jewelry, etc. that the elves have no use for now but know they will want when they change back. 

4.7 The Court
Here is where Acorn and Dandelion hold court. If the PCs are presented here they will explain all that has transpired, and be somewhat reticent to believe the PCs stories of it being safe to exit. They will also explain how they can lift the rabbit shape but only if the PCs become members of the court (this is classic Seelie Court BS hazing, and anyone with experience with the elves will know this, and know they have to go through it anyway). The PCs can request either trial by arms (in which case they must face Woundwart and Campion in non-lethal combat) or accept a quest (see 4.9). Succeed and the elf-rabbits will deem that they have proved themselves, provide them with tabards marking them as knights of the order of William O'Kitt and the Golden Rabbit, and have a big party with lots of lovely fruits and vegetables and petals of elvish wine. Fail and they will be asked to join the other normal rabbits, trying again for the next court in 2 days. Its assumed the PC rabbits get at most 2d6 hours outside the warren each day, so it will be 2 days at least before the 24 hours or up and the transformation ends. or maybe longer....

4.8 The sleeping room
The PCs will be invited into the sleeping room overnight, either joining in the communal sleeping in this room or having their own private chamber in 4.8a. Anyone in 4.8 proper will be assumed to be joining in a rabbit orgy - postcoital conversation is the best time to convince them to return to their normal forms and head back to Deepwater. In any event, the PCs will be told to exit the warren and the elf-rabbits will restore their forms (or the 24 hours will wear off). 

4.9: Masquerade 
if the PCs accept a quest they will be sent back out to the world above to find a gem-encrusted golden hare broach, buried in the far wall "where the green sword has furthest reach" i.e. the spot where sundown of the artificial sun causes the swordpoint of the statue atop 4.2 to fall at sundown. The PCs will have to figure out that riddle, and then evade the Owlbear to get to that spot. That spot is also home to a foxes den - another dragon sized threat to the rabbits - but since the elf-rabbits are following along and hiding they will keep the Owlbear from killing them, and sic it on the fox. The real puzzle is finding the jewelry's hiding place and then figuring out how to get it out from behind a stone in the wall as a rabbit....

Friday, April 7, 2023

Lost Galmagia: What are Goblins part 3

1)      Sprites, Pixies, and Nixies: These are other remnants of the Unseelie court that followed the goblins here. Much more Fae in nature than the goblins are they have settled in pockets around Lost Galmagia, and since they can all ‘blink’ short distances the Amber doesn’t hinder their passage. As such they have the safety of the Mages Ward, but can appear anywhere. They cannot blink through lead, and the Neanderthals know this. All of them are aligned, more or less, with Queen Mab, and others aligned with that kindly one can treat with them.

a.       The Sprites are mostly benign, doling out curses when they think it would be funny, but also helping people when they think that might be more fun. They aren’t really a threat as level 0 monsters, and the Goblins tolerate them with good grace. The Neanderthals/Galmagian Noble Families hunt them (the sprites in particular) for use as material components in their own curse magic, trapping them in lead lined casks. The Brotherhood has learned how to buy them off with flowers (brotherhood members will carry wildflower batches for this purpose) rather than waste time fighting them.

b.       The Pixies are chaotic and malicious little twerps, but not actually killers. They’re more than happy to mess with people, lead them to monsters or monsters to them, or knife them to sow distrust or fear in the party, but are too vulnerable to want to engage in real combat. If the PCs engage with them openly and offer presents they are more focused than the Sprites and can offer real help.

c.       Nixies are water spirits that now live on the 3rd floor waterways and in the canal nearby, charming people to come down and serve them for a day that is a year and a day on the surface. They can also manipulate water to an extent, or more precisely water acts ‘strangely’ when they’re around.

d.       One basic purpose of them, narratively, is to “funhouse dungeon” up the Mages Ward. They appear in other places but they do their weirdest stuff in the already magic high environments of the Mages Ward.

2)      Kobolds: this is an interesting question. I had not considered using them because they clutter up the landscape Dwarves, Orcs, Ogres, and Giants form one clear lineage. Elves, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Sprites, Pixies and Nixies form another in the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Kobolds are odd creatures out. Their main shticks of fast breeding trap makers are either co-opted by the Hobgoblins or not something I want to emphasize in the OSR style game where hidden traps slow things down. But if I have Sprites with their curses be fire fey, nixies as water fey, pixies as air fey, maybe we get back to kobolds as knockers/earth fey? Something to consider for a different dungeon. There’s not space for them in Galmagia.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Lost Galmagia Session Write Ups 2.2

Aethra Chatoyant [Magic-User 1 – apprentice of a famous master / elf-sister]; Ayleton the Cat [Familiar 1 – animal familiar / ship cat of unknown port]; Oland [Rogue 1 – Spy / personal keyword not yet defined]; Brömm [Dwarf 1 – Dwarf-raised / Bonded Clockwork Guilds-dwarf]

The quartet discuss the various advantages of the customs house stairs vs. the sward ward gate, ultimately deciding to retrace their steps. Returning to the ballroom they find the doo they had spiked shut to the east had been hammered open from the other side, restoring passage into and out of these rooms. Oland pocketed the spikes and they moved east. The space contains a dozen or so fire beetles who immediately scatter – some running in circles, some back past the adventurers, some to through the open door and then turning west. As expected from the clerk’s journal this was the Ramp Room, dominated with a circular ramp that would lead to the surface were it not for the rubble up top. A closed door lies to the south, an open one to the north, but no passage further east to the hoped for East Storage Room that is supposed to have the lift down to the vault.

A cautious 10 minutes allows Brömm to confirm that the ramp and room are solid, for Ayleton to listen and sniff at the south door and hear nothing but smell canal water, and for Oland and Aethra to explore north, where the room past contains broken-to-destroyed crates, two archways leading west (behind the ballroom) and east (to parts unknown) and the door to the room holds anti-water wards. Before the pair can explore further Oland hears something large approaching from the west and the group hunkers down in the ramp room with their lantern closed.

A large male figure, stoop shouldered but with a powerful build in a hooded cloak covering a silver facemask, holding an amorpha in one hand and an oil-bowl lamp the other, enters the room of broken crates, drops to one knee before the east archway, places his amorpha on the ground and raise that hand over his head in a curved shape. That done he picks up the amorpha and passes through the arch. The adventurers mark a hundred count and then check out the room with as little light as possible. Aethra finds two runes in the keystone – ‘pray’ and ‘enter’ – and Ayleton points out the curved shape is a crude crescent moon. The figure left a scent of soap and incense. Perhaps this is one of the pilgrims they’ve been hypothesizing about. Oland notes that none of the fire beetles went east. The group opts to follow the figure, all repeating the prayer motion (save for the cat), before entering. They feel energy wash over them but nothing happens. Aethra checks the far side of the arch and sees no runes; she hopes this means if they have to flee back through that direction of passage is safe.

The passage turns out to be the Customs House Road, and spending an hour moving at a cautious pace to cover what should have been 20 minutes of walking before they hit a bend in the road – at the edges of their light it turns to the northeast while a ramp runs to the southeast off the passage. The light glistens off some sort of puddles, one coppery red and one shiny. “Is that blood?” Brömm asks. “Maybe he performed a ritual? Was the amorpha full of blood?” Aethra speculates. At 20 feet removed Brömm and Aethra hunker down in the dark and wait while Oland and Ayleton approach with the bullseye lantern giving a sliver of light. “That’s blood,” Ayleton’s nose confirms, “and oil.” Oland is able to make out two shapes on the floor further up – one a hemispherical bulge, the other a small pile of goo.

“What the hell happened here?” Brömm wonders. The cat treads around the puddle to explore the goo pile while Oland sweeps the light across the ramp, finding a trail of blood up it into a space full of crates – some sort of rest and storage space on the customs house road. Is this the east storage room? That doesn’t seem likely. Did the stooped figure perform the ritual and then climb the ramp? Ayleton reaches the goo to find it a pile of brains and skull bits knocked some distance away from the pool by something…. Oland spots a figure looming in the crates and flips the lantern aperture wide, temporarily blinding the ogre in the shadows preparing to leap at them from the cover of the crates!

Ayleton runs back to his master with all speed while Oland backpedals furiously, trying to keep the light on the ogre to both slow it and make it a clear target for his allies. Brömm prepares to throw his hand axe but never sees a clear shot; in the moment he is struck with the relative slowness of the ogre, and the writhing shapes moving under the beast’s skin. It should have easily outmatched Olands backpedaling speed, but it hasn’t yet caught up. Something is weakening the beast, which might be their only chance at survival….

Monday, April 3, 2023

Lost Galmagia: The Sword Ward Vaults

The Goblin King has an array of 10 ‘leaders’ in his court, 8 of which are warriors. The court members don’t have family clusters like other goblins, but are instead their own cluster (albeit without kids and non-combatants, obviously). While all the goblins are polyamorous with no societal sexual roles, but the warriors in the court and the goblin king are even more so.

3.27: War Leaders Room 1
The three Goblin War-Leaders that live here are most often out and about so there is only a 2 in 6 chance of them being present. The path into this room from the Park Ward requires going through a passage reduced to 4’ in height by the sinkhole in 2.12. Dwarves will see that this is inferior but acceptable construction given the constraints they’re working under. Inside the room are bedding for several goblins, a fountain/pool of fresh water coming through the ceiling from the sinkhole, and an arch of shiny but valueless rocks embedded in copper-covered stone (if you melt everything down it’s about 1,000CP) over the door to the throne room

3.28 War Leaders Room 2
This space is home to three more of the war leaders, and is similar in many ways to 3.27 (including the only 2 in 6 chance that the goblins will be present). The big difference is that the arch over the exit door here is carved wood of exquisite elvish design. If the heavy wood could be moved without damaging it, it would fetch 500 GP, but magic is required.

3.29 The Goblin Kings Room
This space can be entered from 3.27 or directly from above in 2.10, though doing so will draw the attention of the elemental spirts that power the machinery in the room. The whole space has a steampunk feel as the clockwork that drive the great reflecting mirror of the watchtower is still and functional. Either entrance to the room is outside the curtains that block of the walls and that space is designed to reflect the grandeur of the Goblin King. The curtains are grand tapestries of Galmagian families stolen from the noble manors and glamored to replace the human scenes with goblin ones (if pulled down and moved they can be sold for 500 GP or returned to the Galmagian families for considerable good will). There’s a 2 in 6 chance the Giblin King and 2 of his warriors are here, and he has glamored them so they fight for him. The spirits will mess with the PCs perceptions and once a round a random PC has to save vs. traps or stumble into the clockworks and take 1d6 damage. (if not in fight but the PCs entered from above, everyone saves every turn they are in the room without the goblin king). If a fight breaks out here each round there’s a 2 in 6 chance of more goblins arriving.

3.30 Stairs to the Gate
This room is home to 3 warriors and 2 war-leaders (except at night there’s a 1 in 6 chance that 3 of those are out hunting), as well as leather armor, shields, spears, slings, and other hunting accoutrement. There are steel bars around the stairs, blocking the stairs except for 5’ at the exit. The stairs are steel as well, and have been trapped to collapse and snap back up if anything more than one goblin weight is on them (there’s a switch on floor near the stair exit that shuts that off). The trigger is one third of the way down the 20’ stairwell, so 1d6 damage is taken as you fall into the circular wedge of a cage. The Goblins will then question the PCs and possibly attack them depending on circumstances.

3.31 The Blocked Silver Stairs
The door to this space is barred from the hallway, and locked. Past that is a constructed pile of stones that any dwarf can see is designed to be taken down and rebuilt. Past that are stairs down into the silver vein that is deeply contested Nobleman/Goblin territory. At the moment the Nobles are in control and the Goblins have it blocked off. The Goblin King wants it back, but has to focus his attention on the Hobgoblin threat.

4.1 The Elf Wood
Beyond the wooden arch is an unnatural vast space, half actual woodland, half glamour, with a false sky overhead that mirrors the real one above, that was the home of the Green Sword Company of Deepwater before they gave their lives defending the city. The place is very comfortable to Seelie and very uncomfortable to Unseelie, so the goblins never enter. That’s good for them because an Owlbear stalks the place, hunting anyone who is not of Seelie blood (hairfoot halflings qualify, which is good for them). Because of the magics on the place, anyone not a elf or hairfoot halfling has their movement rates effectively halved by the illusionary woods. Oddly, the Owlbear is immune to this. The Owlbear will stalk, attack, fall back and harass the party, taking them out one by one, unless it is distracted by a rabbit or commanded in Elvish to stand down.

4.1 a: The Warren
This space is home to a warren of fey rabbits who will help the PCs if they help them in return. Possible 7 room dungeon.

4.2 The Green Sword Meditation Room
This stone structure inside the glamoured woods has a stout oaken door and no other means of access. The door has rune traps that force a Polymorph save or turn those in 5’ of the door into rabbits for 24 perilous hours. Inside the room are several spellbooks full of Elvish spells of levels 1-4, The Manual of Seelie Blade Puissance (read to get +1 to attack with swords, the book vanishes after that for non-elves) two elfcraft bows, 100 elfcraft arrows, one enchanted sword with special powers, and a bag with 100 electrum pieces of the sort used in Deepwater.