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Lost Galmagia: The Sword Ward Vaults

The Goblin King has an array of 10 ‘leaders’ in his court, 8 of which are warriors. The court members don’t have family clusters like other goblins, but are instead their own cluster (albeit without kids and non-combatants, obviously). While all the goblins are polyamorous with no societal sexual roles, but the warriors in the court and the goblin king are even more so.

3.27: War Leaders Room 1
The three Goblin War-Leaders that live here are most often out and about so there is only a 2 in 6 chance of them being present. The path into this room from the Park Ward requires going through a passage reduced to 4’ in height by the sinkhole in 2.12. Dwarves will see that this is inferior but acceptable construction given the constraints they’re working under. Inside the room are bedding for several goblins, a fountain/pool of fresh water coming through the ceiling from the sinkhole, and an arch of shiny but valueless rocks embedded in copper-covered stone (if you melt everything down it’s about 1,000CP) over the door to the throne room

3.28 War Leaders Room 2
This space is home to three more of the war leaders, and is similar in many ways to 3.27 (including the only 2 in 6 chance that the goblins will be present). The big difference is that the arch over the exit door here is carved wood of exquisite elvish design. If the heavy wood could be moved without damaging it, it would fetch 500 GP, but magic is required.

3.29 The Goblin Kings Room
This space can be entered from 3.27 or directly from above in 2.10, though doing so will draw the attention of the elemental spirts that power the machinery in the room. The whole space has a steampunk feel as the clockwork that drive the great reflecting mirror of the watchtower is still and functional. Either entrance to the room is outside the curtains that block of the walls and that space is designed to reflect the grandeur of the Goblin King. The curtains are grand tapestries of Galmagian families stolen from the noble manors and glamored to replace the human scenes with goblin ones (if pulled down and moved they can be sold for 500 GP or returned to the Galmagian families for considerable good will). There’s a 2 in 6 chance the Giblin King and 2 of his warriors are here, and he has glamored them so they fight for him. The spirits will mess with the PCs perceptions and once a round a random PC has to save vs. traps or stumble into the clockworks and take 1d6 damage. (if not in fight but the PCs entered from above, everyone saves every turn they are in the room without the goblin king). If a fight breaks out here each round there’s a 2 in 6 chance of more goblins arriving.

3.30 Stairs to the Gate
This room is home to 3 warriors and 2 war-leaders (except at night there’s a 1 in 6 chance that 3 of those are out hunting), as well as leather armor, shields, spears, slings, and other hunting accoutrement. There are steel bars around the stairs, blocking the stairs except for 5’ at the exit. The stairs are steel as well, and have been trapped to collapse and snap back up if anything more than one goblin weight is on them (there’s a switch on floor near the stair exit that shuts that off). The trigger is one third of the way down the 20’ stairwell, so 1d6 damage is taken as you fall into the circular wedge of a cage. The Goblins will then question the PCs and possibly attack them depending on circumstances.

3.31 The Blocked Silver Stairs
The door to this space is barred from the hallway, and locked. Past that is a constructed pile of stones that any dwarf can see is designed to be taken down and rebuilt. Past that are stairs down into the silver vein that is deeply contested Nobleman/Goblin territory. At the moment the Nobles are in control and the Goblins have it blocked off. The Goblin King wants it back, but has to focus his attention on the Hobgoblin threat.

4.1 The Elf Wood
Beyond the wooden arch is an unnatural vast space, half actual woodland, half glamour, with a false sky overhead that mirrors the real one above, that was the home of the Green Sword Company of Deepwater before they gave their lives defending the city. The place is very comfortable to Seelie and very uncomfortable to Unseelie, so the goblins never enter. That’s good for them because an Owlbear stalks the place, hunting anyone who is not of Seelie blood (hairfoot halflings qualify, which is good for them). Because of the magics on the place, anyone not a elf or hairfoot halfling has their movement rates effectively halved by the illusionary woods. Oddly, the Owlbear is immune to this. The Owlbear will stalk, attack, fall back and harass the party, taking them out one by one, unless it is distracted by a rabbit or commanded in Elvish to stand down.

4.1 a: The Warren
This space is home to a warren of fey rabbits who will help the PCs if they help them in return. Possible 7 room dungeon.

4.2 The Green Sword Meditation Room
This stone structure inside the glamoured woods has a stout oaken door and no other means of access. The door has rune traps that force a Polymorph save or turn those in 5’ of the door into rabbits for 24 perilous hours. Inside the room are several spellbooks full of Elvish spells of levels 1-4, The Manual of Seelie Blade Puissance (read to get +1 to attack with swords, the book vanishes after that for non-elves) two elfcraft bows, 100 elfcraft arrows, one enchanted sword with special powers, and a bag with 100 electrum pieces of the sort used in Deepwater.

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