Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Opponents Unlimited: Crossroads final notes

It should be easy to see the repeating patterns in the campaign design – every Ep 3 is the carnival, every Ep 4 is a school sports related problem, each season has at least one tie back to each prior season in it – that should help cement the campaign together as a coherent whole.

The last 2 sessions feel like an ambush because they are. I don’t want to railroad the game to force the players into that conflict, so instead the Floop Brothers ID and target them all on their own, without a real chance for the PCs to see it coming (barring any PCs powers like Ht. Senses, Cosmic Awareness or the like that would give them advance warning). If this were a dramatic series it would be built up more, but it’s a role playing game and most players are happier when they feel they have a fair shake. That the Floop Brothers have extensive criminal connections, super powers and a telepath makes the attack fair, especially since the PCs have a ‘if the players can’t think of a way out there’s an established NPC who can rescue them’ escape hatch to turn the tables.

Alert V&V players might recognize Emerson Electronics from FORCE and Assassin, Vanguard from Organized Crimes and Enter the Dragon’s Claw: HONOR, New World Genetics from Dawn of DNA and the Prest travelling circus from Terror by Night. These are, of course, intentional laying of groundwork for the next stage of the campaign.