Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Opponents Unlimited: Crossroads Season 2

Season 2: Aliens Among Us

Doing from conspiracy theory to alien invasion, we start to see the interconnectivity between seasons as the Robotoid attack from S1E2 is revealed as being the result of UIY 2249’s activities. Since this is modeled on the TV shows it means nothing of import happened over summer vacation. The PCs all reconnect and get back into the rhythms of the school year.

2.1: Fun and Games: Prankster and Sirrandor. B: Justice Avenger as Gifted and Talented teacher

Back to school, where things have gone screwy from word one – the school and its grounds are under ‘attack’ by the Prankster aka Paolo Phelps, a fellow student and class clown who was given a ‘magic wand’ by the curious alien Sirriandor who was here to see how events at the nexus would play out if poked. (Assume all of Pranksters powers come from the wand) This isn’t really a threat episode, and Sirrandor will, when located and confronted, wipe out ay memories Paolo has that might point the finger at the PCs before he leaves. He will mention the Other Ship. The PCs will also meet young and pretty new teacher Lucy Douglas, who is the new Talented and Gifted teacher tasked with, among other things, keeping track of Nick Ward.

2.2: Operative, part 1:

Nick and his buddies have gone missing again, and Miss Douglas will let this drop in conversation to the PCs. The rest of the town is immediately fearing another Jhamoka incident and the police are investingating ANT Labs/Vanguard. Tracking down the Mensa-punks will lead them first to the destroyed Emerson Electronics building. Nick is another legitimate superhuman (Ht. Intelligence B +17, total is 30) created by the town’s strange multi-dimensional nexus, and he will have an escape route for UIY set up that makes it look like the robot has been destroyed. In a cut scene Nick complains to his mentor, George Ronky, who advises the child to practice patience, and when alone, opens up the secret back room of his office, filled with alien tech.

2.3: Carnival II:

The Circus/Carnival is back in town! This time around the villain of the piece is the new strongman/acrobat Blake Seagle, aka Boosterman. After watching him perform an impossible feat and then stop some minor crime at the Carnival with some superhuman physical ability we see Blake return to his trailer and lay out the plans for Ronky’s place. The PCs spend some time with Ida, watching her deal with how her husband is flirting with the carneys. With the police overstressed on Carnival duty Ida ‘deputizes’ the PCs to help her on radio duty that night, where they pick up a call from someone who saw a strange figure breaking into Ronky’s place. The PCs are able to interrupt Boosterman’s first attempt but one of Ronky’s defense mechanism gives a distraction for him to escape. Investigate a bit and then deal with Boosterman when he makes another attempt on the store.

2.4: Weighty Matters

Back to problems at the school. None of the PCs have spent much time with young Karla Truesdale since her dad started homeschooling her in 1st grade. Now 10 years later Karla is back and huge, having been raised in a heavy gravity environment. Her attempts to fit in and dealing with bullies. As the PCs deal with this they also have to deal with Miss Douglas, who suspects them of being more than they appear. Her observation should make all of this harder. We begin to suspect that Miss Douglas’ dreams are preternaturally accurate.

2.5: Clothes Make the Superman

The PCs get a break from Miss. Douglas’ unwanted attention when her fiancĂ©e, Arnold Kling, returns from his sabbatical and resumes teaching Latin classes at the school. Unfortunately he returned with the Proditor Capella suit and the alien mind within it driving him to start undermining humanity. After some midnight attacks on tech businesses in surrounding towns the PCs, if they aren’t investigating, are asked by Miss Douglas to check on it, hinting she knows their secrets. Once they confront and defeat Capella he loses his memories once the alien suit is pulled off him. During the fight Ronky secretly unleashes an attack on the Proditor suit that gives them an edge. Nick sees that, seethes and makes plans.

2.6: Operative, Part 2:

Nick Ward has completed his repairs on UIY 2249, but the robot still needs ship repairs. UIY and Nick attack Ronky’s shop (Nick is furious about his keeping secrets) and, if the PCs don’t stop them, get away with what they need – to make it more likely for this to happen the other G&T kids should show up as a distraction. If the PCs are stymied Miss Douglas will point them in the right direction with her heightened senses and insist on coming along, because she has seen that UIY will be turning Nick and the other G&T children into battle cyborgs. During the fight Miss Douglas is bathed in radiation from the ship and when she wakes up remembers nothing about the heroes and their powers. Whew!