Friday, July 10, 2015

Opponents Unlimited: Crossroads Season 3

Season 3: in the shadows

So we’ve faced a criminal conspiracy and alien incursions – it’s clearly time for evil magic! The over-arching plot of this season is Mr. Noman/Oliver Daniels, the Latin professor who took over for Mr. Kling/Proditor Capella, is trying to recruit someone for his nascent villain group by ‘helping them become a hero.’ This can be one of the PCs but if no one bites it will be Miss Douglas, whose powers (but not memory) will then be returning and strengthening over the course of the season. If you go that route Miss Douglas becomes one of the opening credits regulars for the season.

3.1: Islands

… but not just yet. The first episode of the season opens with one of the PCs, or someone close to them, witnessing Sgt Ramble materializing somewhere in the school. I like the idea of a cat and mouse thing where a disoriented but skilled Ramble is trying to get away from the PCs in a chase where they have to maintain their secret IDs, but at the end of the day Ramble isn’t a threat. After 25 years of dimensional wandering he’s just happy to be home. He can fill the PCs in on the original experiment and the threats that are massing in other dimensions. Mr. Noman starts recruiting

3.2: Shrouds

Bodies are going missing from the graveyard. Again people immediately blame ANT labs (man, you steal some kids for their organs and no one trusts you again) but the real culprit is the Shroud in his secret ID as the town undertaker. As an aside, characters like the Shroud who make up for the clunkers like Hoopsnake – he has a nice self-contained story for the PCs to investigate and resolve right in the sourcebook. I don’t really need to add anything. Mr. Noman may assist in thwarting this, either directly by advising the PCs or indirectly by advising Ms. Douglas, who tells them.

3.3: Carnival III

Hey, hey, the Circus/Carnival is back in town! This year’s new star/threat is Dr. Wraithman, who has arrived in town looking for magical artifacts that are in the school science lab storage area, having appeared some 10 years ago. Their first point of appearance was on the Floop Executive Retreat compound, so the PCs will have their first point of investigation/conflict being there. Wraithman blew through their security (the Floops are out of town, save Whippet in his ridiculous pants) to find the artifacts gone, so he has to track them to the school, giving the players several shots at them. Ida Rollins is, of course, working double time and sees the PCs as her Scooby gang.

3.4: Game, Set, Match:

We learn that Mr. Jenkins (aka Hoopsnake), the gym teacher since Coach Gummins went all nutso and iconic in S1E4, is also pastor of a small church in town that are actually Set worshippers. The tennis team, made up of the school’s wealthiest kids, is having an award winning year. Jenkins is using that to hypnotize more and more of the community elite to Set worship, and when one of the students turns up dead from snake venom for falling out of the cult the PCs have to unravel the mystery. Mr. Noman’s recruitment efforts continue as in S3E2 except pressing the need to treat such evil ‘definitively’.

3.5: Bow Before Zoom!

Cosmic Zoom is back! He managed a blood sacrifice of a mouse to get his powers back and easily escaped jail with his shrinking ability. He keeps appearing and disappearing around town (being able to shrink to 1/8th of an inch can do that) and creeping the heroes out, but he’s also planning for his first human sacrifice to get back in his master’s good graces – this should be someone close to the PCs. Mr. Noman, one way or another, pushes that Zoom’s ability to escape means he must be killed to protect the world, knowing that murder would bind the hero to him forever.

3.6: Tower:

The final revelations about Mr. Noman fall into place this session, either with him bringing the PC in to his lair or doing the same with Miss Douglas, now Justice-Avenger, and trying to get them to do something irrevocable; bear in mind Mr. Noman’s superhuman charisma will be at work. This should be a chance for the PCs to have a lot of emotional role playing about good and evil, about powers and responsibility, and then tear into the fledgling Tarot Masters in their base. Justice Avenger might well slide to the dark side if the PCs aren’t able to convince her.