Monday, July 13, 2015

Opponents Unlimited: Crossroads Season 4

Season 4: True Heroes

After the emotionally wrenching events of last season this final season is a more physically taxing one. The Floop Brothers and their Executive Retreat business are their main threats, a direct attack by actual super-criminals

4.1: Brothers: Psi Demon and mobsters

The PCs witness a hit and run killing in town and chase the driver/killer to the Floop Corporate Retreat. Things seem more than a little fishy there before the PCs are attacked by a ‘sand demon’ (telekinetically animated earth, via Psi-Demon). The creature is unkillable (because, well, telekinetically animated earth) and after a short while it returns to the compound and drags off the hit and run driver, forcing the PCs to rescue him before it kills him – If they do so the killer is found dead in the jail, his lungs full of earth. This is the Floop Brothers cleaning up after an idiot who brought the cops down on them. Let the PCs spin mad stories about anything (likely the spirit of the person killed in the accident) before giving it an ambiguous X-Files ending.

4.2: Compound Problems

A guest at the Floop Compound goes nuts in town, shooting things up, and the PCs have to intervene. But once he is in jail other people start acting out of character – revealing secrets, committing crimes – and having no memory of what happened. Sgt. Ramble reappears in his creepy way and asks for the PCs help in capturing the real culprit, Sir Lemur, freshly arrived through a dimensional portal on the Floop Compound from a world where mind controlling animals have dominion over mankind. Sir Lemur was the first of these, and Ramble hints in the endgame that the other world is chronologically ahead of ours so this world’s Sir Lemur might appear any day (setting up for the origin story in the book).

4.3: Carnival IV

Carnival Time Again! The PCs are by now doubtless expecting some new menace to arrive with the tents – and there is a horn-headed man doing feats of strength and seducing women (is name is Ram-Beau) – but the threat comes from Ida discovering her husband in flagrante delicto with one of the carnival workers. Ida flips out and constructs her Rocket Ma’am fireworks theme gear to get revenge on her husband and the whole Carnival. If the PCs can’t talk her down she ‘goes out in a blaze of glory’ which is actually a faked death, but one that leaves her with her facial scars for the future.

4.4: Waves

The daughter of one of the wealthy families in town goes down in a boating accident, meets the thing that made Cosmic Zoom. With her new powers as Wavemistress she returns to destroy the swim team in town. While this is going on the Floop brothers analyze recent events and realize that they are, despite some of them having powers (Psi Demon was part of the same experiments that made Zairobs, Whippet had a dimensional accident in the woods, Blastin’ Butch found his magic amulet at a dimensional portal), potentially outgunned. They make a deal with George Ronky for super-powered gear, getting even more gear – Psi-Demon’s claws, Captain Floops flame and force field devices, Whippet’s helmet and ice gear. Psi Demon’s telepathy has tracked down the PCs

4.5: Retreat

The Floop Brothers, aware of who and what the PCs are due to Psi-Demons telepathy, go after them directly. This should be a pretty brutal battle with the PCs off kilter and still trying to keep their secret IDs. The intent is to get them off balance and nearly defeated so don’t hold back. If any of them have a way of escaping or faking their deaths let them develop it and use it. If not Sargent Ramble returns to pull them away. They should recognize the Floop brothers in this, especially when Psi-Demon makes an earth demon figure again. (You might want to let the players know in advance that this is the dramatic intent and the penultimate session of this phase of the campaign).

4.6: Crossroads:

Payback time. Having been broken down now is the time for the PCs to build back up – give them a costume montage, let them finally adopt real heroic IDs and return the favor on the Floop brothers, who think that they are dead or gone. During all this the PCs friends and family are wondering if they will be making it to the High School graduation ceremony. Hopefully the fight doesn’t spill over into that.