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Castle Mordha 11

11: Level 2 West
More requests for the players to not read further.

As has been discussed earlier all of the entrances between Level 2 East and West have been barricaded from the West side to make sure the zombies don’t get out. Yes, the zombies could go downstairs and then over and up the other stairs, but they’re zombies. Don’t overplan. Anyway, the Western section of the dungeon is home to goblins (primarily) and hobgoblins

25) Smoke Room: This room holds several thick heavy leather  robes designed for very small people, bandana like clothes for same, jars of mild alchol and pots fully of oily goo that, when lit, produce a thick smoke. The east and west doors both have screens that slide back and forth to cover or uncover them, and the south door is barricaded. This room is where the goblins prepare themselves to enter the hive and mine honey.

26) Guard Room: normally holds 8 goblins, armed and ready to help drive off incursions from bees or zombies. They will be a little surprised by the arrival of the PCs but their hostility is dependent on a reaction roll.
Goblins: AC 14, HD 1-1 HP 4, 1 att for 1-6 dam; Morale 7

27) Scythe Room: This space is part of the zombie defense, set up by the friendly gnomes. Swinging from the ceiling every 3rd round are pendulum scythes that criss-coss the room. The room is perfectly safe to cross if you stick to within 3’ of any wall, but otherwise spending more than 30 seconds in the room means taking 1-4 attacks at +4 to hit for 1d6 damage each.

28) Red Mist: This room contains a deep red mist that flows down from the east wall. Anyone who stays in the room for longer than 30 seconds must make a save vs. Wands for every round or start bleeding from their skin. This is painless (actually a little invigorating…) but very disconcerting and reduces the victim’s Constitution by 1-4 points per round once the process starts. If the victim leaves before the exsanguination is finished the Con loss recovers at 1 per day of rest. If the character stays, however, they will drop to 1 Con and then regain the lost Con at a similar rate, only also have their body purged of any diseases, poisons, and stat loss due to near death (if a poisoned person is brought here within 1 hour of their poisoning they will recover, even if they appear dead). The mist is collected in holes on the floor. The secret door on the East wall isn’t so much secret as it is covered by the mist.

29) Plasma Room: This space contains the mechanism s that power the red mist; large cylinders of blood, filters, bellows, an atomizer and pumps that draw the mist back up from the floor.

30) Justice Room: This space is where criminals to the goblin tribe are dealt with in a permanent fashion. There are two tools mounted on the wall – a gold pickaxe (worth 500 GP) and a silver short sword (worth 300 sp) that are the symbols of office for the justicar. The pit in the northwest corner is a sizable, if slanted drop to the 1st level of the dungeon, far enough (40’, 3d6 due to the slope) to (supposedly) guarantee the death of anyone who falls.

31) Stair Trap: The top step of this long wide stairwell from lvl 1 is slightly darker and higher than the others (a stone sense test or any other trap searching) and when stepped on has the usual 2 in 6 chance to trigger a powerful wooden swing trap that swings across the room. A save vs. Dragon Breath will protect the PC from a 3d6 damage hit that also knocks them back down the stairs (another 1d6 damage if someone doesn’t catch them). The room is otherwise empty and dark. There is a trail

32) Empty Room: This large room is empty, but there are signs of a large battle here not terribly long ago – while the major physical signs have been removed there are burn marks and chipped stone on the walls and floor, and anything that once furnished the room was gone

33) Stair room: This room holds another group of Goblins like those in room 26 – armed and armored against goblin incursion. Remember that the stairs down to level 1, room 51 are trapped.
Goblins: AC 14, HD 1-1 HP 4, 1 att for 1-6 dam; Morale 7

34) Empty Room: Like room 32 this room is empty but with signs of previous conflict.

35) Observation Room: This space, much like the one on level one, contains a moving tapestry that shows the outside of the island. In this case it shows Shankill City, or more specifically several locations in Shankill city that can be changed via inserting ones hand into a silver glove that is floating in the middle of the room. Said silver glove is worth 120 GP and can be removed from the room with no problem, but it stops floating when you do so.

36) Goblin Post: This is the last line of goblin defense against the zombies – the north door to this room is barred from this side and has a peep hole to see who is approaching. Anyone being escorted by some fo the guard goblins will be let in, but otherwise they’ll be assumed to be very fresh zombies.
Goblins: AC 14, HD 1-1 HP 4, 1 att for 1-6 dam; Morale 7

37) Candelabra Room: This room has four intact, magical candelabras set in the walls that brightly illuminate the room. Like the other ones they do 1d6 damage (save vs. dragon breath) to anyone who tries to break part of them off. The room is the equivalent of full daylight and the goblins therefore avoid it. The candabras illuminate a ‘chandelier’ that contains 600 silver ‘teardrops’ that sparkle around the room. Inside the chandelier is also a Gem of Preservation that prevents the silver from tarnishing. The other effect of a Gem of Preservation is allowing a save vs. Death at +2 to avoid Level Drain effects.

38) Boar Room: This space holds the two trained boars that the goblins use to help fight the zombies. These things are trained to attack anything that isn’t a goblin or hobgoblin, and will make mad grunting and snorting noises if anyone approaches the doors to the room – this might well dissuade the adventurers from opening the door. The goblins will fall back and open this room from room 36 if it looks like they’re going to be overwhelmed.
Boars: AC 13, HD 3 HP 14, 1 att for 2d4 dam; Morale 9

39) This is the other half of the rubble wall discussed in room 22, see there for more details

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