Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A quick praise to pocket books

I have several large books of short stories and collected series lying on my bedside table to be read and find it hard to pick up any of them. Part of it is psychological, part of it is knowing how much of a pain they are to read on a plane. Heck, I find it hard to reread LotR just because the copy we have is the hardcover collected and it just weighs so damn much

Oh, for the days of the extra cheap Moorcock or Zelazny sized pulp novel again - the 150 page just barely a novel bursting with ideas and either filigreed descriptions or punch to the nose prose that drove the plot along. I have a complete, unedited Howard version of Conan collection on my Amazon wish list but I would almost rather the 1970's pocket books, just for the joy of tearing through it in an afternoon on the hammock. If only someone would release that collected Conan in 10 cheap paperbacks....

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