Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Randomness: The Case Files of Detective Double 2

Continuing from the last post….

Snake Head
Snakeheads are Chinese gangs that smuggle people to other countries (no really…. and they have their agents across the world, including the city. The head of each of their city enclaves has undergone a horrific magical transformation that makes them live up to their name. Backed by their international organization they can field a formidable force, and can also draw on the favors owed them by all of their former clients. But each Snake Head leader stands out with their scaled head, hair replaced by a cobra hood, slitted eyes, forked tonge and fangs. Their ability to hypnotize people or freeze them with fear makes them especially formidable in espionage or assassination. (Emotion Control (one target, trust or paralytic fear), Animal Powers - Snake (Ht. Endurance +8, Ht. Senses (scent, vision), Poison/Venom (that comes from bite or spit, paralytic or fatal), Physical handical – has a snake’s head….)

Due to a rare birth defect the woman known as Stoneface has a head made of the same material as the sun*. Her ability to survive this is a marker of her superhuman fortitude, but  it also makes it hard for her to interact with normal society. As such she wears an impermeable helmet with a black stone mask that, thanks to her internal illumination, is transparent from her side even as it is opaque to those viewing her. Still, when Stoneface removes her eponymous mask the illumination is blinding, and if she focuses her gaze on something for too long it will simply evaporate under the energy. This has made her a very effective assassin and crime boss, and she now runs a string of the best contract killers in the city who she hires out for individual hits or gang wars as needed. Stoneface is a canny businesswoman who would be good at her job even if she couldn’t eliminate the opposition with a glance. (Ht. Endurance B, Light Powers, Disintegration Ray, Physical Handicap – head is a miniature sun).

*Please let me know if anyone gets this reference….

Former legbreaker Cornelius Martin got sucked into Lord Geode’s orbit once and as a result he got too close to too odd an experiment. As a result his head and part of his upper torso were strangely mutated, leaving roughly one-eighth of Martin’s body mass with miniature versions of himself all linked together. These interlocking bodies perform all the same functions as you would expect when they’re acting as his head, but can disengage to act independently from his torso. They can form one him at one half his height (one eight his mass), split off a single ant sized version or any combination in between – he can have up to a thousand ant sized hims operating at once. (Mind you, while his head’s away the body just lies there inert, but will be just fine as long as the mini-hims continue to eat and breathe… don’t think about it too much.) He has a gang around him that he maintains through threats and fear, but he’s a very effective thief and spy. (Ht. Strength A, Shrinking, Mutant Power – Duplicates).

There, that fills out a city full of absurdly-headed weirdoes to take on Detective Double, or the heroes in your super-team. In the comics all of these gangs would be running at once, interacting with each other in addition to fighting Spider Man, Daredevil and Cloak and Dagger. In the pulps each would appear once as a major threat and be beaten back and jailed. For your game? Do with them what you will.  

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