Monday, February 1, 2016

Earth 10: Introduction

I started doing some longer form work on what a DC cinematic universe would look like but realized I couldn't work up the energy to care (alternately, the DC Animated Universe and the DC Televised Arrowverse are doing a damn good job while the movies suck.). One idea that did jump to mind was this: that the DC continuity/ multiverse operates on a 23.5 year cycle (as discussed in Detective Comics #500) and the iconic super being appear in the worlds in more or less sequence every 23.5 years.

Earth 2 Heroes appeared in June, 1938 (corresponding with Action Comics #1)

The Earth 1 heroes in November, 1961 (not entirely accurate with the start of the Silver Age, but very close to the Flash of Two Worlds), 

In June of 1985 the Earth 9 heroes (first empty number in the sequence*) arrived with a Crisis event that produced a world with both 1938 and 1961 costumed heroes. This has been the DC universe we've been reading about for the last 27 years.

In November 2008, Earth 10 kicked off. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman appeared looking more or less like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Someone with a power ring making green energy shapes named Green Lantern appears, as does a super speedster named Flash, an underwater hero named Aquaman, an archer named Green Arrow and a couple with wings named Hawkman and Hawkwoman (or -Girl, your call) but their origins, power sources and costumes are all up for grabs. Plus other new heroes can turn up, either mirroring one of the other Earths or entirely new to this one. 

This month is going to explore this more, looking at how you could run this campaign using a modified set of the 1980’s DC Heroes rules. (MEGS) Some of these are updates on rules ideas I played with in the Legion game concept. 

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