Monday, February 7, 2022

G is for Geri in the 2022 campaign creation challenge

Geraldine Delgado was part of the underground street fighting and street racing culture, very much on the the outskirts of society, an illegal immigrant with no paperwork or work history; a complete void as far as legal identity. When she was approached by shadowy funders to back her development of a proto-type supercar she wondered how they even knew she was working on it, and then how they had the funds to outfit her with a complete state of the art facility. But mostly she wondered how she could get more.

They gave her more in the form of draining her blood to magically enchant it and tattoo her with glyphs that acted as a personal, strength enhacing force field over any part of her body they cover. Eventually, it has covered nearly all of her. And she's more than willing to do whatever they want to keep that power Yes, the tattooes are unearthly, creepy, and scare people who see them: this just means she's abandoned her Daisy Dukes and tube tops for heavy work boots, durable jeans and hooded sweatshirts over long sleeve tees. Honestly, that works better as a costume anyway.

Geri has no idea who she's working for, or why they ask her to do what they do, but she also doesn't care. They've given her personal power and the resources to realize her mechanical dreams. If that means stealing some-thing, breaking some bones, or even killing people, so be it.

Creation Notes

Midrange stat set, I decided to eschew and item on this one and go with a device instead, so following a couple of skills, a couple of Maigc/Psionics, and a device. I've wanted to do the protective tattoos character for a while (I think I first saw it with the version of Mike Fink in the Alvin Maker series), and the roll of vehicle cemented the character concept. I usually like taking Heightened Attack and making it 'things get better as you level up' or 'roll the Heightened Expertise tale and get +4 to damage on those' to better balance the ability. In this case I deliberately made the Reduced Charisma worse – following the advice on recued attributes from Mighty Protectors, which may be my favorite part of the 3E rules set – to justify the punishing training regimen Geri uses.

I had originally envisioned her with a motorcycle, but decided to do the full "what if Michael Knight were in fast and Furious?" KITT rip off.

Geri is intended to be a Michael Knight/Knight Rider character working for one of the bad guy-magical organization. She's a solid close combat badass backed up by her not needing to evade thanks to her TK defense. The car (named GATO) can act independently and is smart enough to hack into computer systems and even override technological devices.

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