Friday, April 5, 2024

Friday Book Recommendations (April 5)

This week's read 

Starter Villain by John Sclazi: Very much in the tone of Kaiju Preservation Society, Scalzo tosses out a fun romp tackling the concept of "James Bond Villainy" as the last book handled "Giant Monsters". I gave it to my daughter for her Easter basket. She read it between 8 and 11 AM and handed it to me, so I could read it from 4-7PM. It's surprisingly deep for something as breezy as it is. 

Failure to Communicate by Kaia Sønderby: recommended by a friend when I said I was looking for more diverse authors, this is a SF book about an autistic woman in the future who acts as an interspecies translator and diplomat as she has already had to learn how her own species communicates. The broader universe is quickly understandable (an alliance of species in a currently cold war with a conquering slaver race ala Original Series Star Trek) because those elements are there for both the novel's mystery framework and the unique perspective of being in the protagonist/narrators head. If this is what Sønderby's early work is like I'll be tracking her career with interest. 

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