Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Randomness Continued

In the same vein as yesterday, here is another hero and another rogues gallery to populate the odd corners of your game world.

Skye Montana, otherwise known as the Judge, was born in her eponymous state by a family who magically bound her to the spirit of the place. Possessed with a mountain lion's fiery heart and piercing eyes, she also has a spirit brother she calls the Wild Wind. Wild Wind controls the weather, whisper secrets of her environment to her and travel away from her to explore other places and return with information. When she turned 20 Skye was recruited into The City, an extra-dimensonal space that helps to guard civilization across the multiverse. Serving out a 3 year term of duty she has returned to her own world older, wiser, perhaps a trifle more bitter and worn down but certainly more powerful to act as earth's supernatural defender. (Weather Control, Heightened Senses (increased hearing and detection, clairsentience), Animal Powers - Lion (ht. strength+10, ht. charisma+15, ht. endurance+8), Dimensional Travel A - the City, Reduced Charisma -6 from City bitterness).

The Scorpion is a man gifted with extraordinary power but an inherently untrustworthy nature. Having found a suit of spirit armor that he can don to give him protection, super-leaping, increased strength and an enervating ray blast. Finding that opened his mind to the multi-verse and let him see peoples thoughts, finds their weaknesses, command their obedience and even override their body's automatic functions. He was meant to be a champion of the City but his natural contrariness made him sting them. Now he runs a criminal empire on Earth, but no one knows his ultimate goals, which betrayals are part of that and which are just him following his nature. (Heightened Charisma, Telepathy, Weakness Detection, Psionics - autonomic override, Armor B Item (Ht. Strength, Speed Bonus) Devitalization Ray item).

Whisperer is a mystic who has mastered the languages of the material world. All metals have pledged themselves to his command and not not harm him, and he can convince other physical objects to move for him with a little bit of effort. He can command the matter of his own body for impressive feats of physical prowess and whisper to the minds of humans to alter their emotions or reduce to see him. Whisper uses this great power for personal gain - after all, even with all this power a man still need to eat! and live in fancy penthouses! To his credit he does not use his powers to coerce women into his bed - he uses more conventional methods to acquire his companionship. Still, he will accept payment from less than savory people for doing things they require. It's a shame that Gaia has pledged her favor to so faithless a man. (Magnetic Powers, Telekinesis, Willpower, Emotion Control, Invisibility)

Owl-Woman-Monster is an incarnation of the ancient Native American monster. Capable of highly controlled and precise flight she is all but unbeatable in the air. Her breath contains a pheromone that at the very least slows if not paralyzes those around her and either paralyzes or kills those she actually bites. Despite her name the only part of her that does not appear human is her feathery hair, which she can hide with some effort if she wants to mingle with normal humans before hunting them. A creature of magic she is very hard to kill, having returned from 'being destroyed with no body found' at least twice in classic comic book fashion. (Flight, Ht. Defense. Ht. Expertise with all attacks while airborne, Poison/Venom)

Denton Crystal, the Man with the Diamond Brain! Sometime in the 1800's an inventor in the American West who built a device that crystallized his mind, making his thoughts flow ever more smoothly. With this genius he built a device that would heal any wounds and extend life, and other that would transform a body into indestructible crystal. Trying to sell his inventions to the robber barons for a quick payout he was derided and driven off as a snake oil salesman (since they didn't work on, well, everyone. Mostly just on him and people who shared some genetic markers with him). Swearing vengeance on society for turning down his 'gifts' he turned to crime, Over the last 150 years his natural brilliance has dimmed a little (though his device still makes him one of the smartest men in the world) and his musculature has faded some, but his hatred for the soft brains is undimmed (Ht. Intelligence Device, Regeneration Device, Chemical Power Device, Reduced Strength).

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