Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Lost Galmagia: Rumors Part 3

Wow, this is taking longer than I thought, but I want to see it through because the exercise is spurring ideas for the rest of the dungeon.

0)      The Acolytes’s ward held the lay devout who didn’t need to be in the Moon Ward. The space also filled with travelers from the canal and roads and the poor willing to accept the Moon’s charitable employment

a.       While the place was flooded with refugees when the Giant’s Shadow fell, most were desperately poor, so any treasures are limited.

b.       The ward was the staging place for any number of explorations into the western mountains; there may well be things of interest to be returned to the dwarves and elves sheltering humanity now.

c.       This ward flooded with refugees when the Giant’s Shadow fell, and surely the ruins must contain riches!

1)      The Park ward held craft and tradesman, with some park spaces for enjoyment of the common man. Those are overgrown now, or lost to the elements.

a.       There’s was some generational wealth here, but it was all enough to be carried with them as they fled. There’s likely little of value on the surface rubble.

b.       The parks contained several rare herbs and flowers that, if you can find any seeds or roots, would have some value. Still, it’s a stretch….

c.       The master craftsmen were making 4 suits of pure gold armor for the Galmagian noble family, lost here.

2)      The Ancestors ward held the desperately poor, and the dead. People unwilling or unable to accept the work of the Moon have shanties against the city wall and the equally thick wall of to the Noble Ward, or among the sepulchers and tombs that were the ward’s original inhabitants.

a.       By tradition the tombs were stone and not magically locked. As a result, few have any remnants left, and those that do must have been picked clean

b.       The truly wealthy maintained deeper tombs in the undercity, where treasures were given to the ancestors to propitiate them. Those on the surface are striving tradesmen and posers.

c.       Corpses rise from the graves every night to avenge themselves on travelers who do not carry holy relics or lay out rare herbs to mark protective circles. (I happen to have some for sale right here!)

As you can see, every ward, as well as the city as a whole, has a rumor tree. Each player gets rumor 0, and can ask to explore more rumors either on the city as a whole or one of the mentioned wards. That gets them one of the rumors on that area (which, with a bad roll, might be false). The next player can either pick a new area and get the top rumor for there. Is it better to go deeper or broad? It’s cheaper to go deeper early, as at the start of play each PC gets 1 roll (thieves get 2), but when you try to get more it’s 10 GP for a Number rumor, 50 GP for a letter rumor or 100 GP for a Roman Numeral rumor. But if you go too specific you’ll lack information on other areas of the city.

I’ll obviously have to build more rumors as the PCs get deeper and learn new things, but since I haven’t done those levels yet I don’t know what to expect myself!

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