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Lost Galmagia Week 3: Under the Park Ward

 These rooms are those that were connected to the road network from the customs house and didn’t collapse. There are multiple dead end corridors (and one that is passible with excavation), but this space is a hub for this levels 1 and 2.

1.16 The Hub
This room had 6 exits;t 2 are now impassable. The Northeast passage terminates at a wall of amber that cannot be breached except by magic. There’s a blood trail running from the East passage that peters out heading down the South; evidence something bleeding was dragged. Searching shows lots of traffic through the room.

1.17a Something happened here….
This room has 3 locked doors, the Southeast has had its lock hacked through and is now ajar ( blood trail runs through that door). On the floor is a stone axe with a silver-inlaid head (50 sp), a small chest with 350sp of silver ingots (lock also broken), and in the corner a 3 day old cleanly severed hand clutching a ruby ring (300 gp value). Going through the broken door has standard chance of triggering a pit trap (Paralysis save or fall in) that drops the target 8’ down (no damage) and closes immediately – it won’t reopen for 6 hours. This pit connects to room 1.18

17b The almost collapsed passage
The door from 17a is locked but not trapped. The passage appears blocked but any Dwarf will see it can be cleared. The room has a passage east that was once hidden by a secret door(now visible due to the roof collapse) and two flights of down. Southbound flight has a grate over it through which anyone in 1.18’s pit can reach.

1.18 The Jewelers Guild Basements
This was once a sprawling place but eastbound passages collapsed; westbound is locked but poison trap now inert. Floor is ceramic tiles, some of which are broken, showing the metal grate and cage underneath. To south there’s signs of recent search that unearthed a chest (hacked open). Inside that was wadded cloth padding for another smaller chest (in 1.17) and a ring case (open and abandoned).

In the cage is a White Ape, now locked in for 3 days, weak and quite crazed. (It’s at half HP and -2 on all attacks and damage). It will reach up and grab anyone sticking anything through the holes into the cage, or smash some new ceramic to drag a limb down for a bite. It will also attack anyone in the pit, or anyone heading down the south stairs of 17a. There’s a small water source – a survival fountain for prisoners – and grates will need extraordinary measures to open (search over 17b stairs shows place that can be forced with an Open Doors test)

1.19 The Elevator Room
The Sculptors and Masons Guildhall rested over here; a section of their floor would descend, giving access to what is now dungeon levels 1-4. The floor currently rests 2.5 feet below the doorway, and the lever mechanism by the east door is snapped off but can be repaired. Adding 4 personweights unsticks floorm descend again down to floor 2, where it will stick for a minute before dropping further. The boxes in the room are full of stones and lead pipes.

1.20 Stairs down
This empty, well-travelled room contains two flights of stairs down, the lock on the door has been hacked open

1.21 Weaver’s Basement
Full of looms and thread-rolls that are all warped or moldering, this space contains nothing of value.

1.22 Funerary preparations
The center of this room is a crafted table just large enough to hold the goblin corpse that rests on it. Bustling around the room and the table are 5 still living goblins, and if observed through the slightly ajar door (this room too had its lock hacked off some time ago) are obviously engaging in some sort of ritual over the body. The goblins each have 7EP worth of personal trinkets, while the corpse is being set with 200 sp worth of torques and bracelets. Also in the room are two vials of Oil of Insect Summoning; these are over and above what has been applied to the exterior and eviscerated interior of the body. Three of the goblins are just standard Goblins, but one is a Goblin Acolyte and the other a Goblin Veteran.

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