Monday, March 13, 2023

Lost Galmagia Week 10: Acolytes Ward "Vault"

This is the space accessed by the pit in 1.14C. The pit descends all the way to 5.8, so the PCs have to step off onto this level from the descended rope (the players could also enter 3.10 from 3.13, the 2nd level of the woodcutters/stonecutters lift. The real backstory here is that the difficult to access woodcutters guild space was gifted to the self-styled Queen of the Goblin Market and her followers; with the threat of the Hobgoblins her trying to independently court the Brotherhood made her too much of a loose cannon. One treasure she’d carried for decades was an dragon egg. It hatched. Horror movie scenes ensued. The woodcutter’s guild basement is lair to a red wyrmling.

3.6 a and b: The Flanking Rooms
These rooms held slickers and ear protection for the waterworks; now useful for how they pass between levels. 3.6a has a hole overhead that leads to 1.14c, and one directly under it that leads to 5.8. Room 3.6b is charred, with a layer of collapsed ashy ceiling paneling hiding the collapsing state of the wood floor’s center – Save vs. Traps or 20’ drop (2d6) to the minotaur lair below. The northwest corner is strewn with contents of the Queen’s rucksack deemed worthless. This includes a Philter of Love (“your first heartbreak”), a potion of longevity (“your twilight years”), and a stone with a hole in it that, if strung on a cord and worn, gives you +1 in 6 on all gambling related rolls.

3.7: The Waterworks
This room is dominated by the wall of canal water falling down the south wall – parts of it diverted immediately to pipes and parts running through water wheels, that have thick leather straps connected to them running across the room to pass through 3.8. Anyone in the room is soaked within 2 rounds, can’t hear over the water, and must save vs. Death or be deafened for one turn after they leave.

3.8: The Control Room
This cramped room has two pipes on the east and west walls that hide the leather straps passing through to rooms 5.1 and 5.2, below. The North Wall is a complex clockworks that control not just the speed and activity of the stonecutters and woodcutters machines, but also all the waterflow throughout Lost Galmagia. It will take clockwork manipulation and repair skill to unjam things from their current settings, but if they do they have considerable power over the rest of the dungeon, and a rough map of level 3 from the waterflows.

3.9: The Stoncutter’s Guild Scaffolding South
This ‘room’, like the others, are series of scaffolding around the machinery below and through this space. It’s home to several goblin families (3 combatants, 2 non-combatants, 3 young) who don’t have anything by way of valuables. If a fight breaks out there’s chances to fall into the machinery or through it. This does 1d8 damage, save vs. traps for half.

3.10: The Stonecutters Guild Scaffolding North
The way between 3.9 and 3.10 are two rope bridges built for goblin weight, each bisected by a privacy shroud. There are the same number of goblins here, and the conditions of a fight are much the same.

3.11: The Woodcutters Guild Scaffolding South
This room is scaffolded much like 3.9 and 3.10, but this machinery is ropes on sliding pullies hanging down that were once used to move the logs, while there are SPINNING SAW BLADES down there. If you fall in it’s save vs. traps to avoid 2d6+3 damage (save means you grabbed a rope). This area is charred in places, smokey, smells of burned flesh, and it’s clear something bad happened here.

3.12: The Woodcutters Guild Scaffolding North
More scaffolded and charred space, and but the machines below just move and stack the wood, so damage is 1d4 if you miss a save (Plenty of ropes to swing from). The threat lies at the end of the blocked passage north, the current home of Egnistwerh, the Red Dragon wyrmling that killed and ate everyone here. He’s gorged on goblin and sleeping, but still very deadly if woken up. His treasure pile is everything he deemed valuable from the followers of the Queen of the Goblin Market, but he has a dragon’s discerning eye. This includes 3000 SP in various forms, nine pieces of carved quartz and obsidian that value at 10GP each, 10 GP worth of scrimshaw, and complete bronze chess set with 4 extra pieces, each piece valued at 22 SP, the whole set together sells for 100GP. Egnistweh was born talking and playing chess.

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