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Lost Galmagia, Week 9: Dead Ends and The Custom’s House Vaults

This section holds two generic dead ends for the various crossroads of the custom’s house road (one type of which is home to the crab spiders that infest the wandering monster charts) and the main attraction: the vault under the customs house, the difficulty of entry, and the treasures held therein.

2.27: the Crab Spider Lairs: There are three such monstrosities on the level (so far) and if the PCs enter here one of the rocks overhead will be a concealed crab spider, assuming all three have not already been killed. Each of these also holds one egg sack squirming with potential, and if the PCs don’t find each by end of spring the sacks will burst and we will need to revisit the layout of the 1st level. (There’s a 2 in 6 chance for each sack that some other denizens of the level will have burned these out before they hatch.

2.28: Just a dead end: Yup, that’s a dead end all right.

3.1: Waiting Lounge: This tastefully appointed lounge is entered via the 1.8 elevator, which is currently on this level so the elevator is really a pit. The room does hold 20 bottles of 5 GP wine as treasure, but more importantly has 1d6+3 of the 12 Disquiet Zombies on this level, who will move to attack, but will attack lone opponents to subdue so they can use them to get through the vault doors to level 3. They know it’s possible, they don’t know how.

3.2: Client Identification: This room has a magical circle in it which clients needed to read off the identification plaque (“hello, my name is/I am an agent of ______ and I am accessing vault ________”) to light up the “Pass” light, the center of the three concealed green lights on above the door, for the steward to enter first with his amulet and unlock the second door once the first closes. If the left one lights, the person if lying or does not identify a proper the steward will invite them to enter first and lock them in.  If the person requests the lower vaults the steward invites them in and locks the door behind them, the secret door will open and allow them passage. The Vault doors will only open via Knock spells otherwise. There are half of the remaining 12 zombies in this room.

3.3: Stamp Removal: Since the items in this vault are still duty free, they are stamped with invisible runes on entry; the items will not pass beyond the boundaries of the customs house into the city (but can go into the canal) unless the runes are removed here There’s a wand here that will allow any magic user to place or remove the runes.

3.4: the Mirror Vaults: the half ovals on the map indicate mirrors (or mirrored doors) that confused interlopers. If you enter without someone wearing the Steward’s Sash one of the mirrors will release a Living Crystal Statue that looks exactly like one of the PCs and will try to kill that person first. There are 6 of these total but only one comes out per visit. The mirrors can only be broken with magic (though magic weapons will work).

3.5: Dual Locks: each vault door requires the steward and client keys been turned at the same time or each person has to save vs. Traps or take electrical damage of 1d6 points and the locks won’t turn. This makes opening 1 stage more complex if you’re trying to pick it, or two stages if you’re trying to pick both (need two people for that…)

Vault Contents










Papers and Documents


Papers and Documents


Five old masterpiece paintings held by Harald of the Usamigaras Clan, each worth 150 GP


Six large wool tapestries, two for each of the Galmagian lines, held by Wedna Wednasdottor. Each worth 100 GP


Elfcraft silk and velvet mantle with numerous moonstones made for the Last King. Held by Customs Master Jacob Erinkin val
ued at 1,250


A black velvet mask with numerous citrines in it, precious to the city’s old masters (see lvl 4) inside a wizard locked ebony box. 100 GP


Papers and Documents


Four barrels of Storm Giant’s brandy, each worth 250 gp.






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