Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Classic. Just Classic


No, not Airwolf or Street Hawk. I mean SUPER-VEHICLES!

So here's a question for the crew: pick your favorite super hero from an RPG (ideally your own, but hey, whatever) and design their single silliest toy tie-in.

For example, my personal favorite superhero PC is Legerdemain, an alien with magnetic control who flies around on a metal 'flying disk' that he can also use as a shield, or shrink to the size of a Frisbee to store or use as a smaller ranged weapon. And sure, one comes with his action figure since it's a core character visual. However the toy line also included his LEGERDESCENDER, a car-vehicle with six little drills on the front that he can use for BURROWING UNDER THE EARTH! Did Legerdemain ever have a story in which he needed to burrow under the Earth? Don't be silly! We just needed another toy tie in!

Any other suggestions?

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