Friday, June 14, 2013

Musings: Man of Steel

No, I haven't seen it yet. I'm leaning against it at the moment. Here's a review from Moviebob, whom I've linked to before. It corroborates a lot of the things I was worried about, but not all of them. Still, the central charge - that it lacks heart - is very easy to believe given who wrote the screenplay.

It might well be visually stunning - again, very easy to believe given the director - but as I commented months ago in this day and age YOU DON'T GET POINTS FOR LOOKING RIGHT. Looking right is easy. In 1978 looking right was hard and we give the Donnar superman full points for that. Now? It's a max 0 category, with lots of room for down.

End of day I don't want to see a movie about Sentinel or Gladiator or Hyperion or Mr Majestic or Supreme* or any other Superman-esque comics creation, someone with Superman's powers and rough origin but not his character or personality. I want to see a movie about Superman, and I'm not sure this is it.

Comments are open for you to convince me otherwise.

* This, my friends, is a big fat lie. If someone made a faithful movie based on Alan Moore's Supreme I would be in line with bells on,

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