Saturday, June 8, 2013

Musings: still not getting it

It is going to take some reviews from a lot of people I trust to get past the degree of Superman Mythos Fail that is embedded in the link below.

Man of Steel

It looks more and more like Zod has _conquered_ Krypton. Maybe I'm wrong. It could also be that the Zod Trio have taken over some other spacefaring species or space pirate group or something. I could deal with that as a way to give them cannon fodder for the 'we have to put Amy Adams in a combat suit because otherwise Lois Lane, worlds greatest investigative reporter who wasn't captured to be used as a hostage in the comics but was captured because she had already uncovered the villains plot and broken into their damn base, might not be seen as sufficiently proactive' thought process to give the humans something to shoot at. I really hope that's all it is.


EDIT: James Cambias has told me that the track list for the soundtrack has one entitled "Krypton Explodes", which is heartening.

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