Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make way for Captain Harryhausen!

Ray Harryhausen died today. He was 92 and lived a full life, so I can't feel too bad about it, but I must mark the occasion by sharing some ideas about a man of his skill, patience and dedication to his craft. The man was an expert, a genius, and the giant upon whose shoulders much of the modern blockbuster's special effects stands.

Which makes me wonder what would have happened if he'd turned his genius to super-hero movies. He worked in the monster movies of the 50's because they were what sold, after all. Imagine what he could have done with Superman, or Captain Marvel, fighting an army of robots, or a giant alien? Getting the flight effects to work might have been tricky, but the super-strength? Yeah, I bet he could manage that.

Rather than be regretful I am thankful for the joys and terrors he gave me as a child. Everyone raise a glass to his memory tonight, if you can.

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