Thursday, May 16, 2013

Musings: More movie disappointments

OK, this is a potential spoiler/rumor

If this is true - and part of me is really worried that it is - than Warner Brothers won't be seeing a dime of my money on this one. How hard can it be to get the Superman origin right. I mean really. I don't know why you feel the overwhelming need to do the origin freakin' again, but it's not hard. You want to have someone actual person or group rather than natural forces make Krypton explode I'll be a little unhappy but they did this in the post crisis comic (where the Black Circle group's evil weapons started the chain reaction that destroyed the planet centuries later) so I can let it slide. You want to have General Zod be specifically responsible for it I'll think you're indulging in pointless Hollywood daddy issues. But this? This is a deal breaker. this means that they aren't taking this seriously at all.

Likewise, the identity of the villain in the new Star Trek movie makes it look even stupider than the trailer made it look.

I can tell you, however, that Iron Man 3 was pretty damn good. I don't have much to add past what Jim discusses here, but it was nice being at a movie that wasn't actively insulting my intelligence, trashing the source material, or both.

So what movies are you actively not looking forward to?

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