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Universal Comics Movieverse 13

13: Characters in V&V

Here are the sample heroes in V&V, to give you an idea of what I was talking about with rules mods. Broad Backgrounds are ALL CAPS, focused backgrounds are Standard Caps. The character Origin is in (parenthesis) as normal.

Captain Nostalgia (4ST AKM)

A 23rd century eugenically UberJaager with advanced technology and a time travel device who returned to our present to stop his future from happening and to protect our ‘gloriously polyglot age’.

S: 15  E: 24  A: 13  I: 15 C: 14  Level 4  Wt 185 lbs
Origin & Background: (Anachronism) LAW ENFORCEMENT and SCHOLAR (HISTORY)

1) Dimensional Travel Device: Time Travel, maximum range is 400 years from 23rd century. 12 charges
2) Gravity Powers Device (modifed): harness gives 6 hours of flight at 75 mph, one action to start Gravity powers defense, ability to orient self in any direction and x4 carry cap. Pistol as 16 shots for x4 grav, x-1 gravity or 1d 10 damage with double knockback.
3) Willpower A: Variable usage, PR 1 per turn. He has learned to use this to triple his detect hidden, act without facing modifiers, maintain a willpower defense and create 2 way hypnotic bonds with people.
4) Heightened Endurance A: +14. He also has a +4/+20% on all saves vs. disease or poison

James “Buzz” Buzznek

A plane crazy kid and radio science enthusiast in the Ad Astra organization. In later years he heads the Ad Astra organization; those stats are in italics

S: 12 15  E: 13 15 A: 15  I: 13 16 C: 12 15 Level 1(6)  Wt 135 lbs (180 lbs)
Origin & Background: (Canadian) PILOT, COMMUNCATION ENGINEERING

1) Plane Crazy Kid: Gains a +4 on any roll involving an flying vehicle. This increases his effective stats for Background checks prior to any multiples, and gives him a +4 to hit and +4 on damage with any flying-vehicle-based weapons.
2) Willpower B: He has special combat training that lets him act without facing modifiers, gives a +4 to hit in close combat and a special defense that gives him -1 to be hit for each close combat opponent facing him.
3) Heightened Senses Device: 1) His Oracle Pod keeps him in suspended animation and gives him awareness of all aspects of the Ad Astra’s communication network; 2) his radio gear lets him call on experts in any background to temporarily give him that focused background; this takes 1 turn to make contact.

Lee Granger

A mathematics prodigy with a remarkable ability to ingratiate herself with people.

S: 11  E: 12  A: 13  I: 18 C: 15  Level 1  Wt 110 lbs
Origin & Background: (Canadian) SCIENCE (MATH), Communications and Education

1) Heightened Intelligence A: +6; her ability to read people is unparalleled and she can add her Intelligence modifier to her Reaction Modifier and a +18% to her Persuasion roll.

Doc Toltec (Raglav Askar)

A theosohpical atlantean with bronze hard skin and superior intellect who defends Chicago against mobsters…and monsters!

S: 16  E: 15  A: 13  I: 31  C: 12  Level 4  Wt 240 lbs
Origin & Background: (Anachronism) SCIENTIST, Medical, Inheritor

1) Heightened Intelligence B: +21
2) Body Power - Bronze Hard Skin: provides 7 points of invulnerability per attack and give him +3 to hit & +6 on damage unarmed. He has gotten very skilled at blocking attacks aimed at people within 5' of him, which he can do with 20" of movement.
3) Vehicle: He has a variety of vehicles at his disposal - a souped up 1930's coupe, an ornithopter, a jet a flying saucer and a time machine. These run 20% better than 'normal' versions of these vehicles
Invention) He has a snub nosed air pistol with a variety of invented ammunition. At base its +3 to hit, 1d8 damage. With gyrojet ammo its +2 and 1d12 damage.

Dr. Raymond Robinson

A genius doctor and epidemiologist on the front lines of the war on disease… and crime.

S: 12  E: 13 A: 12  I: 16 C: 14 15 Level 1  Wt 160 lbs
Origin & Background: (American) Scientist, MEDICAL, Social Work

1) Medical Technology Devices: This is a heightened senses device for tracking medical issues that also lets him give people additional saves vs. poisons and +2d8 Power/+1d3 HP once/wk.
2) Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit unarmed.

Nurse Betty

A beautiful, passionate nurse who looks nto her patients problems…and inevitably finds trouble!

S: 12  E: 14  A: 15  I: 12 C: 19  Level 1  Wt 115 lbs
Origin & Background: (American) SOCIAL WORK, Medical, Sports (Akido)

1) Heightened Charisma B: +8, with the ability to ‘summon bondage incident’ with an Emotion Control attack. This causes the target to fall in lust with betty, refrain from hurting her and instead try to take her prisoner, bring her back to their base, tie her up and monologue at her to gain her affections.

Aeaea (Harvey Green)

The current supernatural defender of San Francisco with varied magical powers.

S: 12  E: 11  A: 15  I: 13 C: 34 Level 1-3 Wt 155 lbs
Origin & Background: (American) RELIGION/MYSTICISM, COMMERCIAL ART

1) Force Field : Fly at 74 mph (PR 1/hour) plus other force field effects as per rulebook.
2) Heightened Charisma: +23; this functions as E for Power and HP, and I for magical inventing
3) Transmutation: Transform any inanimate to any animate or vice versa. PR 8 per use, 34" range can do up to 2d8 damage per attack. Created animals are 'normal' as per rulebook and will follow his orders to the best of their ability but are not under his direct control. All effects last 1 minute (4 turns).
4) Magic Spells: he has the following - Growth (x3 height, PR 4), Shrinking (3" height. PR 4), Dimensional Travel C (PR 8), Astral Project (PR 16), Mind Swapping (PR 20, they have his body but not spells)
W) Special Requirement: all powers (except Ht. Cha) require gestures and incantation to activate; he has to sacrifice something to get 1 hours 'bank' of use of all Magic Spells

Kevin Karnack

A professional stage magician and skeptic.

S: 13  E: 13  A: 14  I: 15  C: 15  Level 1  Wt 190 lbs
Origin & Background: (British) PERFORMING ARTS, Religion/Mysticism, Psychology

1) Illusions A Device: 15 charges, each charge can be used for one ‘sense’ worth of illusions. Each illusion lasts for between one action and one minute depending on what he decides on. Any use of ‘touch; as a sense can do 1d6 damage or 2d8 power, attacking as Light Control.

Aeaea (Aldebaron Brody)

The previous supernatural defender of San Francisco with varied magical powers.

S: 13  E: 11  A: 13  I: 15 C: 25 Level 8 Wt 120 lbs
Origin & Background: (American) RELIGION/MYSTICISM, SCHOLAR (History)

1) Force Field : Fly at 50 mph (PR 1/hour) plus other force field effects as per rulebook. (she loses this once dead)
2) Heightened Charisma: +15; this functions as E for Power and HP, and I for magical inventing
3) Astral Projection: PR 12 per hour (or constant once dead)
4) Magic Spells: She has a variety of illusions and dimensional spells once dead, and a broader  array while alive.
W) Special Requirement: all powers (except Ht. Cha) require gestures and incantation to activate; he has to sacrifice something to get 1 hours 'bank' of use of all Magic Spells

Phoenix (Amanda Halle)

A young musician linked to a distant star, she has become the defender of the New York City streets.

S: 28  E: 12  A: 18  I: 12 C: 14 Level 1 Wt 120 lbs
Origin & Background: (American) PERFORMING ARTS (Music), Business,
1) Wings: These let her fly at 9144 mph, and give +3 agility. She can summon or dispel them instantly
2) Flame Powers B (Modifed): One action to start flame defense. Flame, Light or Gravity blast for 1d12 PR 3 per shot, 30" range. Can 'explode', 'flare' or 'pulse' to affect all in 5" radius, PR 5 per use. With gravity blast knockback is towards her, not away.
3) Heightened Speed: Gains +450" movement rate (115 mph ground) and +15 Initiative. This is the source of her very high air speed as well.
4) Heightened Strength B: +18, from her gravity manipulations
5) Life Support (Modified): she can survive indefinitely in space with Life Support defense, but gets no such defense in a breathable atmosphere. In space all of her ranges, damages, move rate and carry capacity are tripled


A Bassist with some chemically enhanced perceptions

S: 12  E: 16  A: 12  I: 12  C: 13  Level 1  Wt 190 lbs
Origin & Background: (British) PERFORMING ARTS (Music) Performing Arts (acting), Science (self medicating)

1) Cosmic Awareness: requires use of less than legal medicines for real cosmic but serves to give him a very good sense of people’s general trustworthiness and plot related events.

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