Thursday, May 30, 2013

Musings: Last Hero Movie request

Growing up I was a big fan of Iron Man and was therefore thrilled when Marvel got the Iron Man movie right. I liked the X-Men and have been satisfied with the first, second and first class films, even if they stray farther from the comics than I'd like in places (and don't give Cyclops enough to do). I was also a Batman fan but his movies have been very much a mixed bag, and I didn't even bother to go see the last one.

My crown jewel growing up was Fantastic Four. It's a shame that the movie version was so bad. It's a delicate concept in the family dynamics and exploration and I fear I will never see it done right for the same reasons I was grousing about Trek recently - exploration is not a flashy summer blockbuster.

Still, my real question is who you'd like to see a movie for AT ALL. No commenting on how you'd like to see X done right. It has to be a super hero who's never hit the movie screen.

Chewing on this myself I think I'll go with... Blue Devil. Call me crazy but his original series, the first year of it at least, was a lot of fun. Plus it's set in Holywood and about actors and stunt people and Holywood loves being narcissitc. It could be a fun action/comedy horror movie. the feel good folm of the summer!

C'mon - who's with me!

As a side note, I want to plug this awesome blog
covers to super hero team ups that never happened. Check it out!

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