Friday, June 26, 2015

Biomod Shticks 2

Continuing from last post. I don't have as many Biomod Shticks as I'd like (there are 14 Guns shticks, 15 Blade shticks and only 9 biomods) so I'd love it if people could make more suggestions. I'm wondering about borrowing from Scalzi's Old Man's War series with the photosynthetic skin or inflammable blood but the former isn't too much of a game advantage and the latter feels too derivative. Camouflage Skin is also of limited utility unless people spend a lot of time skyclad. I'm open to suggestions.


Information Node

True experts in Bridge skills have accessible information bundles in their brains, updated wirelessly when they enter a space with a new update (it also stores the last 3 updates, so no worries about being hacked with bad data) and stores personal experiences in their specialty. This biomod lets you ignore any penalties for a single Bridge skill, and gives you photographic recall inside that skill.
Bio Spend: 1 point to immediately intuit a key piece of information on any puzzle in your field. You can either ask the GM to provide it or develop it yourself as a new plot point/future plot hook with GM approval.

Muscle Modification (Marine, Army, Resources 100)

You large muscle groups have been upgraded to produce greater bursts of spring strength. Each shtick boosts your Body score by 2 for any lifting, jumping or damaging factors.
Bio Spend: 1 point spend to lift, shift, move or break anything. You can shift a space ship, lift a grav car off the ground, throw a human several yards, bend steel bars, pry open doors, whatever.

Physical Rewriting (Resources 400)

The truly wealthy and decadent have bio-mods that give them incredible control of their bodies. They can reduce or reverse their physical aging (though neural degeneration caps human lifespan at 125 years), change genders, change hair, eye or skin pigmentation and various other feats. These are all slow processes – it takes weeks to change apparent age, 6 months to a year to alter gender, days to change pigmentation – but the miracle is they can be done at all. With this biomod you can engage in these tricks, but also gave a +3 on any roll to resist Seduction attempts or the negative effects of drugs.
Bio-Spend: 1 point to reveal how much older you are than you appear – for one scene you gain any Bridge skill at either a 10 or 1 point lower than any PC in the scene with that skill.

Never Misses (Navy Officers)

Navy Officers can be trusted to have a gun on the ship because they will never miss when they pull the trigger – this biomod linking their hand to their eye insures that. If you fails in a guns attack they simply don’t pull the trigger. This still takes 3 shots (even if you were trying for a snapshot) but no round is fired.
Bio Spend: 1 point to make a 3 shot attack that hits the target with an outcome of 5. Regardless of how ridiculous the shot is it will hit and either drop a mook or do a lot of damage to one named opponent.

Sensory Shift

This biomod lets you control how your brain processes sensory information. The baseline use is shutting off your color vision to enhance your nightsight and distance vision, so you can see in the dark with 20/5 vision, and reducing your ongoing pain sense to avoid imparement. In addition to these basic effects, each Stick gives +2 on any Mind check to perceive things, and a -1 on Imparement caused by pain
Bio Spend: 1 point to automatically have detected an ambush or other surprise that just occurred. Tell the GM your intentions right after any damage is rolled and we’ll rewind as you explain some heightened senses reason why you saw the attack coming.

Resistant Skin (Army, Resources 100)

Your skin automatically redistributes kinetic energy, acting as armor vs. guns and blunt attacks (blade damage isn’t reduced). Each shtick gives 2 pts of armor vs. these attacks.
Bio-Spend: for 1 Bio point and 3 shots you can eliminate the damage from any attack that pushes your health loss past Imparement. You instead lie ‘dead’ for those three shots before you tear open your shirt to reveal your armored skin and get up to keep acting.

2.3.2 Healing

A was implied above, biomods help explain the (normally for Feng Shui cinematic conceit) insane amount of damage named characters can take. It also explains the healing rules – as long as the PCs get to a medical facility more or less alive they are 100% healed by next session. Isn’t modern medicine wonderful? 

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