Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rogues Galleries

Since I'm working a lot of scattered things at the moment I wanted to codify some ideas on Rogues Galleries. I am thinking of my Sticks Improv system for non-fantasy genres. In order to quick build super-heroes I want one of the stacks to be 'rogues gallery', roughly a third of which will be 'team only rogues gallery'. This both captures the distinction between heroes who work primarily with the team (Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man) and those who have their own books (Iron Man, Cap, Thor) and helps define aspects of the heroes who do have their own rogues galleries.

The rogues gallery (if referenced in play) should be 5 villains, at least 4 of which fit the theme. They could be interpreted in many ways - maybe the animal themed villains rely on technology (like Spider-Man's rogues) or they're all wixua masters/sorcerers in various animal styles.

Since the text has to fit on business cards I have to keep these as pithy as possible.

1) Dark Reflections: Your foes are the same as you, only on the other side. For example, if you're a inventor for your country they're inventors for rival countries, or inventors who work for any country; if you're a combat badass wandering the west, so are they.  (Example: Iron Man vs. Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, Justin Hammer, Melter)

2) Ideological Opposites: You represent a particular ideology or national identity and your opponents represent opposing ones, or threats to yours. Their powers could be anything but not more potent than yours, and in at least some cases they're similar. (Example: Captain America vs. Red Skull, Batroc, Tarantula, Flag Smasher, the Secret Empire)

3) Thematic Obsessives: All of your foes are obsessed with mastering something specific to them, and that obsession has led them to crime to fund that obsession. Their crimes aren't (necessarily) themed, just their methods. (Example: the Flash vs. Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Rainbow Raider)

4) Masterminds and Cats Paws: You have one or two mastermind-type foes who have built allies to use against you over the years, many of whom are now free agents. You're likely very physically capable, and the cats paws may resemble your powers. (Example: Thor vs. Loki & Enchantress + Absorbing Man, Wrecker or the Executioner)

5) Invaders and Thieves: You are the protector of a country, planet, pocket dimension, etc. Your foes are those who would plunder its resources or usurp its leaders (who might be you). Their powers could be anything but not more potent than yours, and in at least some cases they're similar. (Example: Aquaman vs. Ocean Master, Scavenger, Black Manta, Stavors Markos, Admiral Strom)

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