Monday, June 15, 2015

Most Wanted Wrap Up

That's finished! Thanks to the esteemed Mr. Hite for kicking me into gear for finishing that up.

The intent of the Most Wanted Conspyramid was, well, there were a couple. One was to apply some new gaming technology to some of the old classics.

Another was to specifically design parts of a campaign that would reward detective style heroes - Batman and others like him are really popular but a lot of the time the focus is on their gadgets and badass martial arts skills rather than their detective chops. Building a massive conspiracy into the campaign gives them an in play reason to exercise those skills. (This also makes these sorts of skill based heroes dramatically useful around their more powerful allies.)

Finally it ended up feeling like a cosmic campaign. Being able to have what look like three different level one node plot threads - the drug gangs and the crazy vigilante hunting them, the cluster of more standard super villain tropes and the 'lets have an honest misunderstanding first' magical streets wanderer feel like the usual super-hero kitchen sink stuff. Then as the PCs start working their way up things get connected more and more.

Hopefully there will be a few moments of "dammit, the MEDUSA guys are behind it" followed by "Holy Cow, Leo has taken over US Military Intelligence, Zodiac is trying to take over all of Africa" or "Oh Bugger, Motivator already rules the world." I would love the big endgame, the taking down of Motivator, to feel like the end of Promethea, Tom Strong, or Planetary, where the world really is saved, completely different and better.

Where Optimism Wins.

Wouldn't that be nice for a change?

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