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Blade Shticks 2a

Continuing the look at new Blade Shticks. I also want to note that all of these can be, at player decision, be done as barehanded styles, or with other weapons. After the first session our Scout Scientist with the Air School favored Savate-style kicks as his descriptions where his long legs make up for the blade reach, while our Scout Scrounger with the Earth School uses a crowbar as her weapon of choice. The Water School Scout Captain is a more traditional fencer, while the Marine Incursion Leader with both Water and Void school training alternates between unarmed and a katana style blade. It's all good for Niche Protection

2.2.3 Earth School

This is style is all about strength and toughness, and unlike the others favors blades wielded with two hands, often in large strokes.

Earth Stance

While in Earth stance damage done to you by people with a Body greater than yours (or, for guns attacks, a Mind lower than your Body) is reduced by 2 per strike. Each Shtick past the first reduces your effective Body for this calculation by 1.

Earth Strike

This is a heavy swing designed to crush through armor. It is a 4 shot attack that ignores the targets armor and light cover. Your sword can cleave through ceramic armor, wood, and even the thin metal of spaceship walls. If the base damage of the attack is 12+ it drops Mooks on an outcome of 4+. A second shtick means you can penetrate heavy cover, and a base damage of 11+ lets you drops Mooks more easily.

Earth Mastery:

This is the ultimate attack in the Earth style, a total focusing of strength on an opponent. It is a 6 shot attack which, if successful, both ignores Armor and means your opponent cannot use Toughness to reduce the damage. Given how long this takes to do it is best to use it at the end of a sequence and hope that it ends the fight.

2.2.4 Water School

This style works best against groups, turning the opponents’ numbers against them.

Water Stance:

While in Water Stance add one to your Defense for each opponent attacking you in Martial Arts, with a minimum of +1. The more foes attacking you, the harder you are to hit.

Water Strike

This circular form lets you redirect opponent’s attacks. As a 2 shot active dodge you can make an Martial Arts attack roll at -2 for any attack that misses you. The damage done is based on that attacker’s Body. If they are the only target in range the attack hits them as you slam them to the ground or into walls. If there is someone else nearby you can target that foe for damage based on the opponents Body plus the damage for their weapon. Each shtick past the first reduces the penalty, till at 4 shticks the redirects are at +0.

Water Mastery

When you make a successful Martial Arts attack against an opponent you can, on your next shot, make an attack against a different foe. This continues as long as you keep hitting people, have new foes to hit or reach the end of the sequence. Start your next sequence at -3 initiative.

2.2.5 Void Style

This style is about movement and momentum, and keeping an unpredictable, acrobatic profile.

Void Stance

Each Shtick in Void Stance gives you a +1 Martial Arts for any movement related stunt, and also a +1 on defense against Guns attacks. You become a fast, acrobatic, impossible to predict target.

Void Strike

Those inside the Void can arm themselves from others. If you make a 3 shot martial arts attack specifically disarm someone a successful attack means you take their weapon and have a +3 to attacks made with it against that foe. Alternately a 2 shot Martial Arts maneuver will let you impressively reach and grab something you can use as weapon that gives you +1 to all attacks with it for the fight.

Void Mastery

This is a fast, momentum based attack that sends the opponent flying, or wrenches them into a painful or deadly contortion. Make a 4 shot attack that, if successful, sends both you and your opponent flying a number of meters equal to the outcome of the attack in addition to the damage done. The GM determines where you end up when you go flying, and we guarantee it will be inconvenient. Alternately both of you slam to the floor and both take additional damage equal to the Outcome.

2.2.6 Melee Attack Damage

·         Punch, chop, small club: Body +1
·         Kick, Knife: Body +2
·         Staff, Club, BodyBlade: Body +3

·         Sword, Spear: Body +4

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