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2022 Character Creation Challenge 1) Star Wars 1st edition - West End Games

 Welcome to the 2022 #CharacterCreationChallenge

You can read all about it here while I dive right in. 

In the 2022 31 Characters, 31 Systems, 31 Days challenge I'm starting in the upper right of my games shelf and working left. That means the d6 Star Wars games. I'm not making Pcs for each edition, so we'll go with the classic movie poster cover version. 

Star Wars d6 is dirt simple in its character creation: pick one of the 30 templates, customize it by adding 7d of skills in 1d to 2d increments, and give 'em some personality. You're done. 

In my case I liked the idea of importing a sort of Star Trek character – a Capital Ship officer – into the Star Wars setting. Weighing between the Retired Imperial officer and the Mon Calimari, I went with the Mon Cal, because that provided a ready-made expertise in Technical skills. At 3d+2 there's really only the Tongue-Tied Engineer better than that, so good chance this PC – Lt. Commander Batath – is the groups go to for keeping the ship running. 2d into Starship Repair makes him hella good at it (5d+2, average roll = 20), and we'll leave the rest at the respectable 3d+2

Let's do Perception next: it starts really low for a hero/slightly above average for a normal person (2d+1), but I need to sink 1d into Leadership to sell the concept. Another 1d goes into Bargain so he has a good chance to get needed parts and supplies in the field. 

I like the idea of Banath having a bit of a scoundrel streak when it comes to sourcing is Equipment, so inside his formidable 3d+1 Knowledge I'm going to boost Streetwise to 4d+1. He's got sources and connections in the Black Market, which is probably why his latest promotion moved him from outside the engineering room of a capital ship to inside this detached special forces crew of PCs. 

Since he's hanging out in the field now, he needs to be able to acquit himself well in a fight, so we look at his solid Dexterity of 3d+1. Boost his Blaster to 4d+1 and now he's not a liability. 

His Strength score is the heroic average of 3d, but since he's a Mon Cal lets give him another 1d in Swimming for 4d. I'm flagging to the GM that I'm investing in him being from a water world.

Finally, his 2d+1 Mechanical. This is lousy and I have no dice left to spend anyway. When the starfight breaks out, Lt. Cmdr. Batath is keeping the ship together, not flying it!

A quick background: Lt. Cmdr. Batath is an up-and-coming officer in the Rebel Alliance. He thought his new promotion would put him in charge of a capital ship engine room, but instead he's been assigned to a special operations team, in part due to his off the books black market connections and ability to source otherwise unobtainable parts in the field.

A fit Mon Calimari male, usually wearing a crisply maintained officer's uniform, but able to 'blend' with a rattier outfit and hooded leather cloak. Lt. Cmdr. Batah is a proud of his rank and  accomplishments, a bit officious inside the confines of an engine room, but he's also got a wide streak of scoundrel in him when it comes to procuring parts and supplies to keep the ship running and the mission on track.

Gear: Well-maintained blaster pistol taken from an imperial raiding party. Standard Comlink. Crisply maintained rebel uniform. Hip-mounted tool kit for fast draw. Hooded leather cloak and 'seedy' clothes and vest.

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