Monday, January 17, 2022

Castle Falkenstein in the 2022 Character Creation Challenge

 On day 17 I do the work of 20 Bloggers in a single night!

Given the choice between Space 1889 and CFalk I'm gonna take CFalk every time. I'll probably steal the Etherflyers and Mars components as new developments, but I just unabashedly love the CFalk world and its amalgamation of history and fiction and sorcery and faerie and mad science. Since it's pretty easy to play the mad science and Victorian sorcerer angles elsewhere, for the 2022 #CharacterCreationChallenge I'm taking advantage of the Faerie Angle with my Brownie. My operating assumption is he lives in the house of one of the other PCs, who is of sufficient means to keep a small household and not mind a brownie helping out. 

I like Brownies because they are Faeries who can do a lot of the bonus Faerie stuff (the glamour and etherealness) that let them fill in and around for stealth and espionage characters, but their actual Faerie Power is so specific and non-combat that it just becomes a thing the party can do. I know some players balk at having their special power become something assumed, but with Dewdrop I would aim to find a way to make that useful at least once a plot in as many surprising ways as I can. 


In this, the 4th year of the Second Compact I, Dewdrop of the Rue de Beaux Arts, take quill to parchment to record both my own thoughts in the service of Lord Auberon of Faerie. I, and the other residents of the household, have taken arms against the adversary. I am stalwart and loyal and true, if a bit stubborn and occasionally vulgar of tongue from having a homeowner who lived and swore as a sailor for many years. In this conflict I am sure my _Good Courage_ will prove sufficient. 

I am normal in appearance for my honorable breed, wearing stout clothing appropriated from the martial dolls of the prior householder's children, at a robust 1 foot in height. In that frame I pack the strength of a mortal of _Average Physique_, though my diminutive size relegates me to _Poor Fisticuffs_ against such a mortal. Still, such brute force is beneath me, as I have spent years with my elfshot, becoming a _Good Marksman_. Regardless of my size I can fell mortal man with elfshot between the eyes – why would I resort to fists?  

As with all of the Faerie I can shape this reality, but having never put much time into confounding mortals it I twist but an _Average Glamour_, and perhaps my sense of self is too great for me to express any but an _Average Etherealness_ - though many guest of this house has assumed me a Chomp Elysee, Or Toothy Cat for you English Speakers. Of course even in my own form I have _Good Stealth_ and similar _Good Atheltics_: few are the times I am seen without wishing it, and fewer still are the times I cannot reach where I wish to go. 

Still, I am proudest of my _Great Great Working_, the true gift of the Brownies. I can put my hands and back to task and accomplish what it would take 20 men to do from sunrise to sunset. The work is its own reward, and will I trust serve the Second Compact well. About my waist is a belt that holds my elfshot, sling, and a coin or two. A hand stitched peddlers pack holds such copper and wood tools as needed to peg, whittle, and hammer as needed. 

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