Friday, March 1, 2024

Friday Book Recommendations (Mar 1)

_When Grumpy Met Sunshine_ by Charlotte Stein:  it’s the Roy Kent romcom where a grumpy retired hard man footballer has to hire a ghost writer for his memoirs and gets a bright charming cupcake of a woman, sparks fly and flames develop. There’s an impressively realistic dance of two damaged people who wear different types of emotional armor finding out how well their core selves match. The third act falters a bit but Stein is genuinely funny, sweet, an incisive with this. 

_How to Read a Suit_ by Lydia Edward: this was laying around the house as my wife and daughter work costumes on a 114 costume show, and since it was mentioned on KARTAS I picked it up. It is just fascinating. Not to be read cover to cover - there’s too much detail for that - but the essays on each age of the three piece suits evolution and the paragraph on each example give you. A great overview of how and why fashion changes over time and where it stayed the same. Highly recommended if you’ve any interest in history or clothes or worldbuilding or costuming. 

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