Sunday, March 31, 2024

Lore24 - Sudilitas: the Other Cults

Mar 25: These are all of the alliances that have integrated themselves into the Sudilitas political structure, but there are some that operate outside of that structure. These can prove to be nuisances, irritants, threats, or seeds of our destruction if we are not careful. 

Mar 26: the Radioactivists have a small religious cult here; while technically frowned upon and placed under observation the cult itself is not illegal. Just that the agents of the Peace Brigade track them, if only to keep the Restrorationists informed of who is a member, lest any Restorationist plans to enter the ruined city (and face its Readioactivist cults) is comprimised. 

Mar 27: If they keep to themselves, there is no issue - they can be found most nights on the battlements, keening their quiet paeans to the glow that still flickers from that massive southern ruin. Every few years a number of them leave together, taking their likely final pilgrimage to the source of the Glow. 

Mar 28: The Holy Roan Empire has agents here as well, even if I can't identify them. This Zoopremicist offshoot is always trying to feel out our intentions and defenses, and doubtless has agents inside the Ranks, much as it pains me to admit it. The Horselords are subtle and patient in ways that the Badders and other inheritors of their philosophy are not. 

Mar 29: The Red Death, while obliterated in this area years ago, may still have spores lurking among our community. Should even one of these abominable lichenthropes reveal itself the poisonous ideology could spread through pollens and pestilence, and must be burned out root and branch. 

Mar 30: There are Archivists amongst our community as well, finding the puts of irreparable junk that are too far gone for even the fulgurators and placing them in personal niches for veneration. Madmen all, but it's only when their creed pushes to disturb or deactivate RWN that they cause issues. 

Mar 31: A group of them once snuck past the guards into the lowest rooms of Sudilitas center to to accost our solitary AI saint. The clean up was horrific, and getting archivist ash off of the walls kept work crews busy for a week. One hope they have learned from the experience. 

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