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Lore 24 - Sudilitas: The Restorationists

Feb 26: The Restorationists are also always looking for sentients of clever mind and able body. The assumption that they are looking only for Fulgurators or other probers of ancient technology is a false one. They are very much as in need of courageous sentients as the Ranks, and there courage may be the greater for the lack of structure. 

Feb 27: Voyages for the Restorationists are simple in their design - take this map, go to this place, expand the map and bring back any information and artefacts you find. Once you recover, do it again. The map and your memories are key for the inquiry, to be able to always build on what is known. 

Feb 28: This is, to me, a form of madness; an unending scouting mission with no objective but to scout. I must admit that it work... sometimes. The humans and mutates most often applying for these tasks (for we Moreaux and Floreaux don't relish Restoring a world before our liberation or creation) do well. 

Feb 29: Both in the sense of improving the lives of the residents of Sudilitas and in the comforts provided by the Restorationists. They sometimes even get to keep the ancient technology they recover (officers of the Ranks often have Ancient weapons, but they are the Ranks, not ours), which is a great gift indeed. Still, they are expected to use that technology to return to the ruins....

Mar 1: The primary directions of such exploration are Southwest and East. Only the Restorationists care about the vast, rambling, Glowing shambles to the Southeast. It is home to mad Radioactivist cultists, some of whom are all but the walking dead, shambling about and harmless until they fall on you for food; others are canny sentient opponents who want to convert you to their deadly religion. 

Mar 2: This is while non-sentient creature of all sorts lurk and stalk and hunt in the incomprehensible ecosystem. The underground layers of this city have survived more than the skyward ones, but little of either is explored. The city... the labyrinth... hates you and wants to kill you before you exit with its secrets, and your only aid are the tools, maps, and supplies of those who fell ahead of you. 

Mar 3: To the East the Restorationists share an interest with the Capital Guild, but the Resorationists want access to the Ancient towers emerging from the lake. There are intact ancient arcologies, whole environments in the flattened domed spires. By all accounts they are run by Minds and Living Metal gone stark mad or using logic no Human, Mutate, Moreaux or Floreaux comes by naturally. These are "funhouses" if your idea of fun is each locale presenting a whole new riddle to survive. 

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