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Lore24 - Sudilitas: The Seekers

Mar 4: The Seekers outside the city have the support of those who still remain in Sudilitas boundaries... and its politic. It's a strange arrangement. Those in Sudilitas and partaking of its technology sending their petitioners to aid their (mostly Moreaux) brethren who abide by the more technophobic (and humanophobic) examples of that creed away from Sidilitas, but live under our aegis. 

Mar 5: I am of two minds on this arrangement. As a Moreaux i feel for their fear of the Restorationists and the quiet implication of our return to servitude. As a medical scientist I cannot share their position on Ancient technology. In the end, out of solidarity, I chose them as my third Patron for citizenship, which let me see close up what they ask of their applicants. 

Mar 6: The easiest are when the distant Seekers feel they face threats from Flora or Fauna that the Ranks cannot spare resources to hunt or track. Combat-ready residents might find themselves tasked to find such threats to the crops and herds and deal with them - diplomatically if the threat is a sophant, or violently if not.

Mar 7: Next easiest is when the Seekers dig up or stumble across Ancient remnants. The nature of their creed means when they do locate something they will have an applicant resolve the issue. Exactly what this means varies wildly, but the stiff backs of the Seekers means they seldom continence Restoratonists on their lands; the applicants must resolve it alone. 

Mar 8: Most common is for the Seekers to simply appoint the applicants as being a sort of Shire Reeve for a period - from 3 moons to 13, depending on which Shire - and use their status as an outside arbiter to resolve issues inside the community. The applicants become impartial reviewers and scapegoats for all manner of social conflicts, with the promise of support should they do well. 

Mar 9: For city folk thinking they will just have to plant crops for a year without technology, leaning that they are tasked with resolving the issue of the corpse of a long missing Seeker tilled up in a field, or to placate a divorce dispute that would sunder a community, or to reconcile wayward children with their parents when all are a found family of different genotypes... it is a challenge. I know it was for me.

Mar 10: It is not impossible for the Seekers still in the city, though with such a narrow commitment to the anti-technology creed it is a stretch to call them that - will use the applicant on local matters. But since inside Sudilitas the Ranks handle law enforcement, the Restorationists would deal with Ancient finds, and the Brigadiers manage household counseling. Such requests would be secret, and almost certainly criminal....

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