Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday Book Recommendation (Feb 23)

This weeks reads:

The Sandman Book of Dreams edited by Ed Kramer and Neil Gaiman: I bought and read this when it came out and I think was too dismissive of the majority of its contents. I have repeatedly gone back for John M Fords “Chain Home, Low” and Susanna Clarke’s “Stopp’d Clock Yard” but this complete reread had me enjoying the whole of them more than I remembered. Recommended if you can find it, even if there are two stories of kids stuffed dolls protecting them from parental abuse that read so very 1990s. 

Shopgirl by Steve Martin: this was a very astute observation of several people in LA intersecting their loves and lives with lots of discussion of peoples interior beings and growth and minimal dialogue. Made funny by Martins agility with humorous metaphor and simile, I’m amazed it got turned into a screenplay based on how much of it is language and dissection of psyches. 

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