Sunday, February 18, 2024

Lore 24 - Sudilitas: Citizenship

Feb 12: If residents approach the Ranks for... no, let me go back. As Residents, they have the rights to Protection, to Sustenance, to Shelter, and to Petition for Redress. But as citizens, we have the rights to Access, the right to Argument, the right to Alliances, and the right to Armament. These are "the four A's"

Feb 13: Nothing says that residents must petition for citizenship. Many don't. As long as they contribute when called and support the city they have the rights to much of what a sentient needs here. But for some, the call to serve, and by extension to command, is too great to ignore. 

Feb 14: Once you are granted, and accept, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, you gain access to the Government Counsel, including the ability to directly meet with the five member Organizing Body of the Counsel, who set the meeting agenda. You gain the right to make open arguments at the Government Counsel's meetings, including arguing for a vote on the membership of the Organizing Body. 

Feb 15: More importantly, you have the right to form alliances that, at least until a formal decision of the Government Counsel, will commit some of Sudilitas resources to other Comms - this is of enormous import. While the rights of access and argument are personal power, the right to alliance has a vast responsibility, misuse of which can strip you of your citizenship. 

Feb 16: Finally, and least important, is you have the right to armament: to be armed with modern weapons inside Sudilitas walls (and for military officers, gunpowder weapons),  and to access the arsenal for missions or endeavors outside the city. It is in this way that the weapons of the Ancients are distributed. 

Feb 17: Of course, there are paths to greatness that do not require citizenship. Each of the Alliances have ways to mark and reward their most effective or dedicated members (though of course the Ranks are most organized). Artisans are rewarded for their expertise. Large families can bring significant resources and influence. But despite the Capital Guild's efforts, there is no way to vast fortune and power without commitment to the community. 

Feb 18: This, I think, is why those of the Ranks that stayed did so. It wasn't cowardice for not wanting to march into the incipient civil war in the wake of our glorious emperor Napoleons' death. It wasn't entirely for person honor of being unwilling to abandon the community that the emperor had promised our protection. It is the need in all of us for a community... especially for the Moreaux and the Mutants who cannot create progeny. 

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