Sunday, February 4, 2024

Lore24: Sudilitas - How The Youth Advance

Jan 29: Becoming a full voting citizen of Sudilitas requires the applicant to be put forward by three patrons of at least two Alliances before being allowed to attempt the citizenship test. This promotes cross collaboration and a structure of debts and obligations on top of the barter that makes up our trade. (Some of us still use the cards that were imperial currency for the Ranks, but others have devalued them.)

Jan 30: The Ranks, of course, will act as patron for any Moreaux of good character provided they obtain officer training, and assist in leading actions attending campaigns on one or two occasions. For all others there is space as pandours (who might be trained as armigers) to receive similar patronage, if not commissions, on such actions or campaigns. We are so short staffed here that we outsourcing our support staff to the Peace Brigade while we maintain fighting sentients - a point of contention for us. 

Jan 31: The Peace Brigade will be patron to anyone, of course, needing clever hands, keen minds, and strong backs to maintain Sudilitas' (and the Ranks'...) infrastructure, as well as the surrounding farms - those Seekers might have walked out on us, but the Peace Brigade will not abandon them. Everything they do has an eye towards sustainable defensibility. If any adventurous youth or newcomers volunteer for it they will be sent to assist in the conversion of nearby settlements to the Brigades' mission. 

Feb 1: The Seekers both in and outside the city have the ability to promote people for citizenship (even if the Seekers outside refuse citizenship themselves...). They will usually ask for little more than aid in the planting and harvesting; if this is all you provide it will be years before they extend patronage. Faster is dealing with the odd non-sentient animal or plant threat that they want to handle internally, or a social conflict that requires neutral mediation. The Seekers remain very odd, to my eye. 

Feb 2: The Fulgurators as a pocket of the Restorationists only provide patronage after a long apprenticeship and dedication to the art. The Restorationists proper will act as patron to anyone - though Moreaux seldom apply - who is willing to brave one or two extended missions into any of the nearby ruins for lost technology. This is very risky behavior, being small unit missions into deadly terrain, but the possible rewards for Sudilitas are immense and successful ventures are feted. 

Feb 3: The Capital Guilds will support anyone willing to act as travelling merchants or guards for them and their goods. They have "tests of worth and value" that sort their patronage to "traders" (who are capable of attaining great personal wealth) and "guards" (who are less valued but still supported), and companies of these are sent to nearby communities to arrange mercantile ties... and "observe" secrets of construction or craftsmanship. These ties advance the city, but I don't like their philosophy. 

Feb 4: The whole of this structure feels rickety to me, as a military Moreaux, but the death of our glorious Emperor at the hands of 'republicans' looking to displace the Stratocracy with a "parliament of some more equal than others" - action I suspect was engineered by the Dark Emperors - has soured me on such democratic forms. Still, so far it has held, keeping the voting citizenship engaged with each other through social ties and giving youth and newcomers a path forward. 

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