Thursday, February 15, 2024

New Salem - Renaissance: Resources

OK, everyone remember my discussion on rewards for capturing villains and money from merchandizing in Villains & Vigilantes 2.1? Well, going over the rules for Knowledge Areas I came across this, which I have absolutely no recollection of ever using

By these rules, a normal 1st level 25 year old PC would be making 10 Intelligence *10 Charisma *25 age *1 level = $2,500 a year part time or $25,000 full time, in 1982 dollars (that would be about $80,000 today). Oh if only. Alas, only 10% (their intelligence as percentage) can be saved per year, so again $2,500. Apparently the confidence you get beating up criminals makes you confident enough to go for that promotion, as Level factors into this. 

All told this is just strange, especially since (as discussed in Organizations)

which is $15,600 per year, or less than a perfectly ordinary person on a perfectly ordinary full time job. Maybe the organization has Dental. 

It's the next paragraph that's fascinating. 

After all of the discussion about how you can't merchandize and how you're supposed to track reward money and how you'll have a skimpy trophy room, here's some math on how much you as a super-hero have on hand without having to borrow from your secret ID. So our unexceptional 1st level hero has $2,500 at any one time of Resources. This, the money on hand for super heroics, is the only number we need.

That being said, I note how rules as writ the Prejudice limitation continues to hose you because you have to keep your Charisma score middle of the road, so poor Peter Parker has his 24 Intelligence but its only multiplied by his 10 Charisma, kept low to keep cops from shooting at him. But if you decide to keep the villains super-weapons in your trophy room, your secret IDs salary goes down....

As I said, I don't remember ever using these rules in play... but i do remember using these once: 

Graham was creating a PC not based on him, and the rolls were Transport and Inheritor. His power set was built around a transformable vehicle/power armor set up with a distinct anime design: he could be rocketing along on his bike and then jump, with the bike changing into power armor around him. He ended up being a taxi driver who was a vigilante fighting crime with information picked up in his cab... who inherited billions and built his robotech bike that he keeps in the trunk of his cab to facilitate his war on crime. 

More tomorrow on how I intend to actually calculate your Resource Capacity. 

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