Sunday, February 11, 2024

Lore24: Sudilitas - Arrondissements

Feb 5: As one becomes a full citizen of Sudilitas, one must petition for, or be assigned, an arrondissement in the city where which one has authority and for which one bears responsibility. All residents are protected by the city's walls and laws, of course, and but petitions for redress or recommendations of action are made to the Governance Counsel via their citizens of their arrondissement, a form of patronage representation. There are currently 28 arrondissements, determined by population. 

Feb 6: As discussed, the construction of Sudilitas is a pair of concentric squares around RWN's tomb. The center facing rooms of the inner square are the rooms of the Governance Counsel. Originally assigned to the Peace Brigade, and then the Ranks of the Fit during the occupation, these days it has rooms for all the Alliances in the city... though the Peace Brigade has slowly taken the majority of the spaces due to their willingness to handle non-wartime logistics and social cervices. 

Feb 7: The Ranks have a small space there now, for our general and her staff, but the exterior corners or both buildings are all garrisons for the Ranks This has spread us out, but it does mean that we can, as our role as non-wartime peacekeepers, respond quickly to any threat. My own medical facilities are on the Outer Southwest Corner of the Inner Building. Of course, the Ranks also have many spaces "Inside the hill".

Feb 8: Those spaces, designed by the Ranks and now maintained by the Brigade, are a honeycomb of traps, oubliettes, secret entrances, redoubts, caches, and other defenses for the city, hidden inside the unassuming terraformed hill that hides us from the casual traveler. We should be invisible and impregnable. The west side facing the wind turbines has the most travelled concealed entrances, where forces might sneak out and harry anyone not warned off by the Dabbers illusions. 

Feb 9: The east side in contrast, has a cleverly disguised trail leading down for entrance and exits, and a ramp from the hilltop into the city that is so trapped as to be death for the attacker in wartime. The Capital Guilds maintain the arrondissements around the base of that ramp, becoming the de facto mercantile space as well as home of stables for a truly impressive menagerie of pack animals. 

Feb 10: Atop each of the buildings are the arrondissements overseen primarily by the Seekers, the gardens that help feed Sudilitas that cover all that space. Vines ripe with fruit run down the sides of each building, and their frameworks, make an ascent from the ground to the rooftops possible, if difficult. All the space is used for growing save for the windows and skylights, which are kept clear, and within are arrays of mirrors to send the light deep into the buildings. 

Feb 11: The western wall of the city contains the tunnels that lead out to the turbines, and also the most entrances to the lower levels of the outer ring (and from there the inner). It is the space around those tunnels where lie  the Fulgurator's arrondissements, while the lowest levels of the rings are Restorationaist space. Seldom touched by natural light, these rooms are habitable by arclights, and also the fans which push air through the space. When no wind turns the turbines they are close, pitch places indeed. The Restorationists claim to not care. 

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