Sunday, February 25, 2024

Lore 24 - Sudilitas: The Ranks of the Fit

Feb 19: Any able bodied resident can petition to join the Ranks of the Fit, as I discussed before. Moreaux are, if all suitable, made officer trainees and a group is assembled for a scouting or patrol mission to gauge their fitness. If it is successful they can request patronage missions of more complex scope (or just agree to serve if they don't wish to be citizens, though the Ranks prefer their officer corps to hold that honor). 

Feb 20: Patrol missions should be simple enough - a wide circumnavigation of the environs, delivery of supplies to the Ranks outpost inside the farms of the Moreaux Seekers. Perhaps, just perhaps, these missions are chosen with a greater than normal risk of combat to assess decision making, but they are never ones where a fight is guaranteed. 

Feb 21: Once they are assessed, Command will offer a commission to any worthy Moreaux, and places for the others. After that there are ant number of missions to either deal with natural threats to the expansion of Sudilitas' sphere of influence, or as protection against the encroaching threats I discussed earlier. 

Feb 22: The Dark Emperors are, themselves, too distant and powerful to attack en mass, but smaller units have been sent to harry their positions, steal their technology, and scout their territory. Larger ones have been used to disrupt the massing of forces in their client states; we cannot let them array too much against us. 

Feb 23: Similarly, missions should include shows of strength for the Moreaux and Mutate communities around us so they know that we are powerful allies and bad enemies. The Dark Emperors need no more proxy states closer to us, surrendering their liberty for the Carrin's hoarded technology. That would spell our end....

Feb 24: What would also spell our end is if the Badders tot he north (and by extension the rest of the Holy Roan Empire) decided to wage another crusade into our territory. The Badders do this from time to time to "hone their martial prowess" but also because Feudalism is a system that produces so many unnecessary, un-inheriting offspring that spending them on the field of battle is part of their reproductive and political strategy. 

Feb 25: We cannot hit them too hard, lest they use it as a cause to rally behind. But we cannot leave them be for they are too numerous, too unpredictable, too full of violence to not be watched, checked, prepared for. Fortunately their obvious threat helps the alliances with our sister states. The machinations of the Dark Emperors might be too subtle to spot, but the Badders are the fire that forges us into the weapon to defeat them. 

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